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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 5, 2007 22:23 Flag

    Laying down the LAW!


    It has been brought to my attention that alot of decent LFC fans are no longer participating on this board because of the petty FEW who are ruining it for others.

    As your leader I have decided to take steps in order to give my fellow supporters the support they have asked for and deserve. Therefore, I will no longer let this board be turned into a mockery, especially by the following who are clearly NOT Liverpool fans and not here to talk FOOTBALL...

    lokihermes - reported and on ignore
    damo - reported and on ignore
    and the mass id's of
    ba5tard/drunken_sailor/drunken_bum/dogs of war/drunken... whatever

    If you are one of the above or aren;t here to talk FOOTBALL then DO NOT read my threads, do not reply to my threads and most importantly grow up and get a life. AS top poster and PROVEN leader YOU are not welcome here and i strongly advise ALL true fans of the club to follow my lead... ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

    NOW the rest of you... let's get back to FOOTBALL and LFC...


    This topic is deleted.
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    • What do you mean "as LFC fans" when you often refer to Scousers as scum.

      You are a fcvking clown P&S.

      (And to save myself from a backlash............what about that Martin Jol...still waiting)

    • I thought I was on ignore pea-brain? I give the club a bad name how? I have been to Germany, Spain,Italy, Turkey, Greece, Scotland etc etc, never caused trouble, never seen trouble (except in Italy and Greece).

      I am actually a Luciferian, but so what? Better than being a filthy Christian. Like I said before, how many people have died as a result of my religion compared to yours?

      I don't have three jobs fool, I have one job, which happens to be running two companies plus I rent some houses - can I be any more specific?

      Now piss off to White Hart Lane and watch your favourite team, because you are not a fan of LFC.

      We have the balls to answer criticism, we have the minerals to say we are wrong, we have the solidarity to respect each other - guess this rules you out from being a fan of our great club doesn't it?

    • You're just playing into his hands Damo.

      Just read his posts the way I do, with a big smile of disbelief on my face.

      Take it easy chief.

    • Right... I am openly offering you the bus fair to come to Liverpool P-S!!!! I'm sure you'll squirm and wriggle your way out of coming by hurling abuse or changing the subject though!

    • The fact that I am on ignore shows my superiority to you because you won't even answer one question because you don't have any balls!

      I will answer any thread I choose, its not for you to tell me what to do!

      So exactly do I support then smart-ass?

      You don't talk football, you talk bullsh*t! You are the worst 'fan' on this - at least I have the b*llocks to answer my critics, not that there are too many of those here. But they get answered in a polite respectful manner.

      You could learn something about being a passionate respectful from myself and almost everybody else on here.

      PS I am wetting myself at the thought that you have me on ignore - goddam coward!!!!

    • In what way are you 'Special'

      I think you only lead yourself, because noone else will follow you

      Talk football then, but do not insult other people posts. Simple as that

    • Ok Faker. Lets discuss football.

      1). Why is Martin Jol the next Shankly
      2). In what way is Carson a better keeper than Reina
      3). Is Torres still the turnip you think he is.

      If you post something about talking football, do exactly that. You are a kamikaze poster, a faker and a NON Liverpool fan. You never post anything positiveDO NOT REPLY to this post if you are not willing to DISCUSS these 3 issues.

    • thats the best bit of sense you've ever posted mate. fair play!

    • agreed. i don't mind a bit of banter but i also have a 9 and 10 year old who read this board because i want them to be liverpool fans too, but the language and insults are getting beyond a joke so i m glad someone else here has realised this. lets get back to footy!

    • Lol, priceless.
      Can anyone else smell something?