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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 5, 2007 22:23 Flag

    Laying down the LAW!


    It has been brought to my attention that alot of decent LFC fans are no longer participating on this board because of the petty FEW who are ruining it for others.

    As your leader I have decided to take steps in order to give my fellow supporters the support they have asked for and deserve. Therefore, I will no longer let this board be turned into a mockery, especially by the following who are clearly NOT Liverpool fans and not here to talk FOOTBALL...

    lokihermes - reported and on ignore
    damo - reported and on ignore
    and the mass id's of
    ba5tard/drunken_sailor/drunken_bum/dogs of war/drunken... whatever

    If you are one of the above or aren;t here to talk FOOTBALL then DO NOT read my threads, do not reply to my threads and most importantly grow up and get a life. AS top poster and PROVEN leader YOU are not welcome here and i strongly advise ALL true fans of the club to follow my lead... ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

    NOW the rest of you... let's get back to FOOTBALL and LFC...


    This topic is deleted.
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