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  • I am FURIOUS with this joke of a club and it's poser fans....

    How much longer do us long suffering LFC supporters have to put up with this JOKE of a regime? 18 years we’ve been subjected to LIES, false promises and false hope and still it goes on and YOU lap up every bulls*it word of it.

    A new state of the art stadium is on the way we are told… now it’s “downgraded” because the two Yanks are f**king LYING scam artists just like I told you.

    “In Rafa we trust” the fans bleat like the blind Costa del Kop SHEEP they are. Trust him to WHAT, deliver the Prem? Throw in the towel against READING even though the league is the priority? Beat the Mancs because we have Torres? The list of LIES and double-talk is endless... Stop lying to the fans just because they are STUPID Rafa.

    Every year the fickle fans say “this is the year” yet it NEVER is.

    “Sissoko is the new Viera” - “Torres is as good as Rush” “Pepe is better than Clemence”. Hahahaha

    YOU are a f**king disgrace to the club with the rubbish you spout people. YOU aren’t TRUE fans, you are just working class idiots living on falsehoods and pub talk.

    Here’s the REAL truth for you to chew on…
    We have NEVER beaten the Mancs in the league under Rafa.
    We have NEVER challenged for the EPL under Rafa.
    We are no closer to winning our first Premiership in 18 years and I am SICK of the club’s LIES and sick of YOU. The loss to Man U was the final straw. I have burned my shirt and you know what… I feel GOOD about it.

    It’s time you did the same and admit the truth. We were once a great club. We are no longer so and I believe we will NEVER contend for another league title in the foreseeable future…. RESPECT has to be paid to Arsenal and Man U, they are everything I hoped for our club and will never see!!!!!!! Gutted? You’re damn right I am. Are YOU?


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