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    Mass exodus - Who Cares?


    Following yet another EMBARRASSING LOSS at ANFIELD to our bitter Manc rivals which puts us TEN POINTS out of touch, I’m sure most TRUE LFC fans will agree it’s time to offload this JOKE manager RAFA BENITEZ who has dined out on TWO fluke trophies for far too long, fooling thousands of you in the process. Of course the fickle, poser fans that make the club a laughing stock these days are worried that if Rafa goes the Spanish Armada and others he brought in will leave too, to which I say… WHO CARES!

    Let’s weigh up who would PROBABLY go…

    REINA – NEVER makes the big saves, a BARCA REJECT not rated in his own country with ZERO Champions League or League titles to his name…. No loss there folks.

    ARBELOA – PUB player who wouldn’t even appeal to Harry Redknapp and his numerous reclamation projects at Pompey let alone any other manager at our club.

    AURELLIO – Another injury plagued nobody who means as much to me and the future of our club as he does to those in his Brazilian homeland.

    ALONSO – Hasn’t performed well for us in over a year, was awful in the CL final and is now a distant second to Mascherano… let him go back to Spain and let’s move on.

    KEWELL – No one in their right mind would resign this over-priced, inconsistent injury nightmare that left his form and integrity back in LEEDS years ago!

    Kuyt – 10 million wasted as he has FAILED to make the grade in the Prem. He’s here to score goals but simply hasn’t delivered enough. No spring chicken either so send him off to help carry Rafa’s bags.

    TORRES - Unable to live up to his price tag so far with only 6 EPL goals in 16 games, there are better strikers out there who don’t DIVE and sulk when they can’t score… the next Dalglish and Rush? YOU are having a LAUGH! He’s admitted he’s only here for RAFA and not the club so YES he can go back to Spain with his sugar daddy regardless of his “potential”.

    AS I have told you before kop-ites, the CORE of the team are still HOULLIER’S men… CARRA, RIISE, FINNAN and STEVIE G. The likes of Babel, Masch, Crouch and Agger are not bothered about Rafa because they don’t like rotation and put the CLUB first, as it should always be. Therefore they can stay and help rebuild the tattered remains of our once proud club.

    In summation, after this HUMILIATION against the Mancs, the REALITY of only TWO POINTS against the top three clubs at Anfield and the FAILURE to make the LEAGUE our only priority… I say RAFA can GO and take his ass-k*ssing s**t buys with him. NO ONE is bigger than the club – if you don’t want to play for LIVERPOOL FC and bring us the PREMIERSHIP then GO, and go NOW!


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