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  • ajay ajay Dec 27, 2007 05:05 Flag

    lost touch in title race?

    Chelsea have 38 points.
    We have 36.
    We have a game in hand so theoretically could be on 39 points.
    So why is the media full of Chelsea but continually saying we have lost touch in the title race? Are we playing in a different comp to Chelsea? Why aren't they being written off, too? Especially now with all of their injuries and suspensions and the African champs coming up?
    Also, we have a habit of finishing a season brilliantly, with our bad starts usually costing us in the end. This year we had a pretty good start, certainly within touching distance of top two.
    I say, watch out SAF and Whinger we are coming.

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    • This season Rafa has got a good squad together - the best I can remember for many years. His rotation has slowed and the spine of the team seems pretty set.

      For some reason we are bashed by the press - if Chelsea struggle against say Derby then they report that Chelsea played badly but dragged out a result. LFC do the same it is reported that we were poor and lucky For years Man U won titles by scrapping 1-0 wins at lowly teams - all the pundits say that is the sign of a title-team. We have struggled to do that in past years - but this year we are doing it - and what do we get? We are lucky.

      Fine - let the press say all the crap they want - LFC fans know the truth and the truth will out in the end - we ARE in the race.

      I do think we need to get results against the top three next time around if we are going to close the gap. Realistically I think we will get third - the squad needs a few additions in the summer - a strengthen at the back and replace one of the strikers to help Torres.

      2007/08 is a BIG step forward - not sure it is the final step though.

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      • You are absolutely right B2a this has been happening in the press for as long as i can remember.
        If united or chelsea or arsenal (especially the london teams) fluke a win then you always here the cliche "thats the sign of true champions playing badly but still winning", but for us it is just seen as luck.
        Also liverpools title challenge is seen by the media to be over, whereas none of them have written off chelsea despite the fact that they are in a worse position (albeit 1pt ahead with 1 game more played) and are likely to be furthur weakened by the african nations cup (i think we will struggle on without momo).

    • Thanks to all who contributed.
      It was nice to get some informed opinion about our real prospects for once, not the claptrap one or two loudmouths seem to think we all want to hear over and over and over again.

    • I would like to think we can win our game in hand, which is at Anfield against the Hammers, but the next game for the Reds is crucial ! We should be able to defeat Wigan at home on Wednesday, but this week will be a different type of game at Eastlands. A win against Man City could really ignite the challenge again ! But to do that, surely Rafa must pick his best available eleven ??

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      • I'm not sure Rafa knows his best 11 since he rotates so much !!!

        I agree though we should be looking to putting the best 11 we have on the pitch against Man Shitty ... but Rafa should always play the best 11 in every game but I don't think he does.. otherwise I think we'd be higher in the league.. and stop this win one, draw one nonsense.. which is what tends to happen of late..

    • you bute.

      you were never in the title race.

      you're STILL not in the title race.

      and it will take more than a lucky buy (yes, lucky. look at the others ......) in torres ......... to get you any where near BEING in the title race.

      9 points behind the leaders before half the season is done ..........title challangers ..........TTFP more like.

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      • Taking our game in hand as a win, then we are only 5 pts behind arsenal and 6 behind man united. Considering this is a deficit that can be overcome in two games it is of course ridiculous to say we are not in the title race.
        In my own opinion I would say that united are favourites for the title and that liverpool will overtake arsenal and chelsea to claim second, but any combination of the top four is possible (despite united fans blindsighted optimism/arrogance).
        The main point that people have to remember is that this is not a liverpool team that we have loaned for the season, this is great young squad that will only improve with future additions, and so all I was looking for at the start of the season is proof that we will be involved in the title race for seasons to come. With the depth we have now, the ambition, the funds and the new development at least now only idiots like this "imhappyhere2" bloke will be able to write us off at the start of the season anymore.

    • As a Chelsea fan, we have had a very disappointing first half to the season - maybe the worst half season for four or five years. Too many draws. An average two points a game so far would give us 76 at the end, and you can't expect even second place with that these days. Same for you lot. I can't see us winning the Prem. I never could see you winning it. No neutral could, I think.

      Let's face it - Arsenal have performed better than their fans expected, Man U have performed about as their fans expected and Chelsea and Liverpool have under-performed what their fans expected at the start of the season.


    • Yes we've a game in hand so that still keeps us in contention but only if we win.. if we don't win our next match then the best we can hope for at the end of the season is 3rd or 4th.

      As every game now until the end of the season is a must win match we simply can't afford anymore banana skins like we had against Portsmouth..