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  • Damo Damo Dec 28, 2007 18:18 Flag

    Alonso to Everton???? Joke!!!!!

    Is this a joke or what??? Alonso is rumoured to be on his way to Everton if you believe the mutterings from the dump across the park. £15m by all accounts! I happen to think this is wishful thinking on the Blue Shoites part but hey, anyone know anything more?

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    • Sean no Red would ever bow down to Evertonian SCUM.
      Why DO you spend most of your time on this message site? Why don't you give in the simple fact you are a RED in disguise! You write about us enough(over 700 posts)

    • £15M..........no way, but Sissoko

      No Problem!

    • omar, thats a weak retort.........is that it..

      ..''if u honestly believe that xabi alonso would break into everton ''........

      omar, get it right somn, i dont beleive he would..

      no answer the questions and prove you know what you half talking about ffs...

    • calm down m8 , maybe if u had xabi those idiots u call defenders wouldnt have been made a mockery of @ goodison , listen im gonna stop "being a penis" coz obvioulsy ur that sensitive type , im not gonna go ranting on about facts like u tried to do but i will say 1 thing , if u honestly believe that xabi alonso would break into everton (lol) then its one of 2 things , either ur dreaming , or u know nothing about football , or ofcourse it could be that stuff ur on , any chance u got anymore or did u finish it after the arsenal game (tsss)

    • arteta better no not 4 me...very good players u cant argue with that and i dont think alonso moving 2 everton is the joke the thread is the joke....all i want is our blue brothers 2 do a job on the gooners 2day and so far so good COME ON EVERTON!!!!!!

    • Pad im far from pissed off, why would i be, after all i enjoy putting you straight on the finer aspects of football....you obviously dont know and havent a clue about the beautiful game....Alonso is not an excellent player, now that is a fact..

      ...as for Arteta going if Real Madrid came calling...i wouldnt blame him, would you?, can u tell me the same about any of your players.......including La La who was going to leave....TWICE, but only cahnged his mind over threats to him and his family.....interesting that Brca wanted alonso, the lazy prik, for 20M and your birdbrian of a CEO blew it.............hahahah

      accept it Arteta is far far better, and no we dont want to swap, u penus.

    • Alonso is an excellent player....FACT.
      PS Page one of how to piss off an evertonian -"tell them arteta is leaving next season"
      Personally i think he will (long term deal equals more cash for him thats all) but yes its just speculation. Real madrid have never officially come knocking for him yet have they, that would test his resolve, but maybe he likes playing for midtable teams, who knows?

    • whose everyone pad?....you and your insider buddies, funny that we have him on a long term deal, though dont u think??............hows that loan deal on mascherano going????

      Alonso can spread a pass, ill give him that ala Jan Molby, but his workrate is pants, his goal tally questionable at best and his tackling ability is the same as most others in the division.......

      where the hell do you get class from??........Aragones??...we all know he'll be either dead, up b4 theboard of racism or sacked after next years Euros, so then we'll see, like we know already the best spaniard on merseyside gracing his national team....the rest is all frightened talk and jealousy by fans such as yaself.......wise up, get real, the future is Blue....

    • Hes a class midfielder as is arteta to claim anything else just exposes your ignorance/bias.
      We wont get arteta of course not, everyone knows that he will be back in spain this time next year.

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