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  • Wendy Wendy Dec 31, 2007 03:53 Flag

    ..Kuyt has to go..

    ..after todays game for me enoughs enoughs...someone needs to sit him down and explain to him that he is a CENTRE FORWARD...not an advanced midfielder running around like a headless chicken....aginst both Manchester teams he has left Torres alone to scrap against two centre halfs whilst he's off by the corner flag....if we sell anyone in the transfer window for me he's out the door first..

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    • So do you, this is a footy forum not loose women talk. Now off wiv ya to the kitchen bitch!

    • agreed on kuyt underperforming, if we get a good price we should sell, no doubt.

      agree with some of the posts that babel should be getting more playing time. starter? it depends on the game, tonight's game against wigan could be a good test for babel to show what he can do in a full game. for more important games coming off the bench will make him hungrier, the lad is still young.

    • Out of the four strikers we have - Kuyt is the weakest. He is too similar to Torres, but about 80% less talented at it. Was surprised we pushed through his transfer when we did - watched him in the World Cup and thought he wasn't good enough then.

      We need another striker who is going to fire in his share - we are expecting Torres to come up with the goods on a weekly basis - yes, the money we paid perhaps we do expect that - but it is unrealisitic to expect it week in and week out.

      I wish Crouch would play more often - he offers a good alternative - he needs games to show what we know he can do. Voronin - started well but has fallen behind too - but as he cost us nothing we have little to lose by keeping him.

      Will anything change in January? I doubt it - maybe Crouch if somebody tests Rafas resolve with a big enough offer.

      Kuyt to go in the summer and lets get someone capable of helping Torres.

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      • To conclude that Kuyt is our weakest striker is silly. He is in no way worse than Voronin. They do the same thing, close opponents down like idiots, but Kuyt manages to score some goals along with that too. And we should really offload Voronin, promote Babel to a striker and get a quality left winger, something like Guardado, Silva or something like that.

    • kuyt all action lots of willing a bit like craig johnstone from the eighties he is not the answer up front has to be babbal and torres

    • Kuyt is a team player. Maybe, the instruction given to him is to help out in midfield to fetch the ball. I think that is possible, given his work rate. It means that he is less upfront than he should be.

      I like his attitude. He never complains, just dig in and work hard. Yes, he is no superstar, he accepts his role. Off the field, he is a great lad - doing his part for charity. I think we need such character in the team. Someone the kids growing up to support this club can identify with.

      Football wise, his touch has been disappointing, and he is lacking a bit in confidence. I think he just need that goal to get him started again. He used to be playing Torres' role, now he is not an automatic choice.

    • Well why stop at Kuyt? Get rid of Kewell, Hypia, Sissoko & Crouch. Then buy Berbatov, David Silva and get Mascherano's deal sewn up.

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      • Yes Kuyt has been a dissapointment this year, but are ou really advocating we get rid of half our potential strike force, both Kuyt and Crouch? Do you think Voronin is well place to be the partner for Torres while a new player is bedding in?

        As for the others: Kewell, are only left footed real left winger. Hypia, sure its a great time to get rid of one of our most experienced CB's when we currently need to draft in the full backs to cover the gap we have at center back.

        But on the other hand, I do agree with your thoughts on Momo.

    • 17 shots, only 4 on target, and no goals. I think Kuyt is only part of the problem.

    • I agree Wendy - Kuyt was really poor today. I reckon on recent performances there might be a few others who might well be worried every time they see an envelope from the Club. Sissoko, Riise, Pennant and even Kewell could well be joining Kuyt on their way out this coming summer !

    • Kuyt has been a real dissapointment

      But chin up, we were better by far today and despite what the mancs are saying about us, they are still not convinced we are out yet. Watched it in a pub with half reds half scum today and they were cheering city on. Not it takes a lot for them to support citeh.