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    ok heres the facts on transfer spending

    some people are quoting silly figures on here rafael benetiz has spent 143 million on players over the last three years some good and some bad in that time he has won three trophies and been a beateb finalist in the champs league

    now gerard houllier was there for six years or thereabouts and only spent half of that around 70 million but he managed to win three trophies in one season but it took him five years to do it

    so should we give benetiz more money to spend or not, should he be allowed to see out his contract, bearing in mind he has delivered three trophies in half the time of houllier and remember he has had twice the money to spend


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    • I saw headlines yesterday about us breaking a transfer record to sign a player.

      I got all excited thinking it would be Luca Toni, or David Villa.

      Alas, it was us breaking our record fee for a defende with the imminent signng of Skrtel for £6.5m - a third of the amount ManUre paid for Ferdinand.

      Yet again, I say - THAT TELLS A STORY !!!

    • yes but how much has he brought in as well? What is the net spend?

      Like Rafa said, we DO need to start buyomg £20 million plus players to compete with the Mancs and Chelsea. Arsenals economics are freakish

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      • loki the net spend is 54.3 million the weekly wage bill is 800 thousand pound per week and almost 3.2 million a month whick equates to roughly 40 million a year


      • lets face it -- very few of those players were his first choice.. I too would be interested in how much he recouped -- lets not forget he gained control of a squad which included Traore and Biscan...
        The problem is we are missing creative/flair players on the wing(*) but they don't come cheap... He's tried to sign Alves, Quaresma and Mancini but at the end of the day we couldn't afford them...

        As Loki points out we need to buy some £20m players if we intend to compete in the short term... we only have 2 players that cost +£10m -- Alonso and Torres.... unfortunately you have to pay for class these days OR give the manager time to see the fruits of the implemented youth policy, such as Arsene Wenger...

        (*) also defensive back up

    • What you also have to put into perspective is that players prices have escalated like a rocket since Abramovich took over Chelski as they think that every team in the prem is minted.

    • John, I'd say we should at least see what happens in the second half of the the season. Rafa has moved us forward, the questions are is he, or is he capable of closing the gap between us and the top. Can he do what he's done in cup compititions in the league. Some say he's a cup manager only, but that discounts what he did in Spain.

      Personally I think we all set our expectations too high for this year, and especially after Torres was signed, felt the title was a possibility. We are ahead of where we were last year (in terms of the gap). Many of the players brought in are under 25, so I'd say we've yet to see their best, so a little time to see if the investment pays off, I don't think is asking too much.