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  • voodoo_magic voodoo_magic Jan 17, 2008 22:13 Flag

    who are d.i.c ?

    this my sound complety stupid but can someone tell me about dic wat they all about ect... and if they did buy us would they be another red hering like hicks and co sorry to be a pain

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    • dic are dubai international capital check out there website or go to the wikipedia and search dic they are one of the biggest investment companies in the world they own shares in sony corp,hsbc,tussauds leisure alliance medical ,daimler motors to name but a few so hers some info from there website

      Dubai International Capital LLC is a Dubai-based international investment company with a primary focus on private and public equity. It was established in 2004 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Dubai Holding with the mandate to build an international portfolio of diverse business assets across a broad range of industries in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA). Dubai Holding is a large and diversified group that was created to consolidate the various large-scale infrastructure and investment projects which underlie Dubai’s economic, social and industrial development. With an extensive network of regional business contacts and relationships, coupled with a synergy of knowledge and expertise from a multi-cultural staff with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, Dubai International Capital is well situated to play a leading role in private equity.

      Guided by a global vision with a local perspective, Dubai International Capital’s key objectives are to achieve above average risk-adjusted returns on its investments in both established and developing private equity markets; to assist in the diversification of Dubai Holding’s portfolio whilst offering a lasting contribution and acting as a catalyst for economic growth; and to provide stakeholders with value growth, diversification, and strategic investments and relationships. Dubai International Capital’s underlying investment philosophy is to take a long-term view, follow strict investment criteria targeting businesses with good management and credible strategies, and to reinvigorate companies by strengthening their long term prospects through management incentives and improvements in productivity and long term investment decisions.

    • DIC are the investment arm of the Dubai government. Sheikh Makhtoum is the head cheese and owns Godolphin stables, the most successful Horse Racing 'company' in the World. The Sheikh loves his gee-gees, and has been known to pay £3 million for unborn foals!

      Basically, he doesn't do second best, has a personal wealth of £16 billion, and would make sure that all resources financial etc would be made available to Rafa to ensure success.

      He will not break his promises like the Yanks have done.

    • They're probably just another gang of leeches ready to suck whatever they can out of the club. It makes me laugh the way everyone talks about them like they're a couple of lads from the pub that they've known for years and have got the club's best interests at heart.

      They may well have for all we know,but that's just it........we don't know!

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      • Not sure I'd go as far as calling them leeches, but so long as everyone has their eyes open I think we'll be okay.

        Fact is they are in it for the money, like most oweners. But the fact that they know a little bit about football, and support LFC is a good sign.

        Bigger question for me is will they load us up with debt, or buy us outright? Are they also willing to invest in what we need. Don't mind the club taking on debt for the stadium (its secure debt) as this may help in the long term, but not for the purchase of the club itself, or buying of new players.

        What they are not are white knights riding in with open sacks of cash willing to spend it on whatever we want. But if they have the best interests of the club in mind, and prove to be worthy stewards of a club that will always be bigger than one person, then I'll be happy.

      • They'll see LFC as yet another aquisition an asset that's known the world over, but it'll certainly raise our profile in the world.. look at Man Utd they're known throughout the world and by those that aren't even football fans..

        Thing is we need the investment thats imperative to our success if we're to challenge and ideally defeat the likes of Man Utd & Chelsea and become the richest club in the world.. and thats the opportunity that presents us & DIC ..

    • punch in D.I.C. into your google search and read all about them, they are a VERY wealthy company with an expansive portfolio from CITIBANK in america, to SONY; HSBC; to name but a few.

      I think D.I.C. (whos headed by Sheikh Mohammed) would buy LFC and his son an avid LFC fan (from all accounts) would run it and pump his own considerable wealth into the club in transfer fees. I may be wrong, but thats the way i see it happening. but im here to be corrected.