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  • jaminbenny jaminbenny Jan 22, 2008 06:29 Flag

    Anyone else see last season's Arsenal

    Bad result again. Typified this seaon, but on the positive side, we're so close to being great.

    Does anyone else see comparisons between Liverpool and the Arsenal team from the last two seasons. We've been playing some excellent football this season, and have dominated nearly all games we've played, but like the old Arsenal we just don't seem to have that killer touch.

    Unlike Arsenal though, we have idiot owners stirring the media and some idiot fans, well on this board anyway, who think sacking the manager will solve problems. Big changes were made in the summer and they need time to gel (hardly anyone does as well as Torres when they first join). A huge change in personel would disrupt this and put us back years.

    So either get behind the team or go support a team with the capabilities of Chelsea (would say Man U as well but they've earnt their money) who are able to buy success at the expense of football.

    YNWA (although i would rather than walk alone than with some of you as, as Liverpool fans, you disgust me!

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    • Benny, can't really comment on how much we look like Arsenal last season as I really did not see many of their games, but I can tell you that I'm getting very frustrated this year as I feel we are very close, but with just a little ingredient missing.

      Some think throwing Rafa overboard will get us there, or spending 50+M in the summer, but I just don't see it. Last night we dominated over an hour of the game. Did Pepe have to make any kind of serious save? Yes maybe we lack the killer instict you talk about in getting that second goal and killing of games, but we also seem to let 1-nil leads slip away. How many times have we gone on a rampage of attack like at the beggining of the second half, not get the goal, and then loose focus and let in a silly goal.

      I don't know the answer, but when your team dominates play, and creates chances, I just don't think wholesale changes is the answer.

    • jaminbenny, I appreciate your passion & loyalty towards our beloved Liverpool & Rafa. This great club really needs more supporters like you.

      I also empathised with you in your frustration towards some of the things written in this message board. I, too cannot comprehend with some of the rationale behind some of the Reds supporters in here, especially those who entertained or even agree with what those morons (you know who you are) have written, whose main purpose in here are just to wind us up, so that they can have a cheap thrill, and maybe make their miserable lives abit more bearable. What those morons did not realised are they're just creating bad karma for themselves by been an ass in here. They'll know what I mean if they bother to reflect their conditions in their respective lives.

      That been said, you have to understand that this is cyberspace after all. People can express freely or childishly without bearing the consequenses that they might have to face in real life, so don't get yourself worked up over what's written in here. What's expressed in here may not represent the majority sentiments of our supporters out there in the real world anyway.

      That's all I have to say. Take care and remember: You're Not Walking Alone.

    • I think we once discussed a comparison between our current squad and say when we won everything last time round.. ie which squad is better the 70's - 80's squad or the current one and it was decided by many that the current one is much better because of the account of diet & fitness is much better now as is the attitude.. in the 70's & 80's they'd get drunk the night before the match then go out on the pitch and play ...

    • I agree with your so called sub standard but certainly not Mascherano?? Do you think without him, we could draw against Villa? How many times he intercepted their cross and made a successful tackle?

    • That team he put out should have beaten Aston Villa and from watching the game I don't know how we didn't. That's all that has to be said on rotation

    • it's his 4th season in charge
      how much time do you think we should give him?
      and this is him coming in to an already pretty successful and competitive club? It's not like he took over Fulham or a club promoted from division 2, now is it? be honest.
      he won the ECL with the squad the previous "manager" had assembled - and he nearly blew that, too with his team selection. remember he started kewell - who had been out injured for how long? and he had didi on the bench for all of the first half while AC tore us apart in midfield.
      and now, here we are past the halfway point of this season and quite frankly it looks like we may be lucky to qualify for any european football next year - which means even less money to spend on transfers.
      and why is this happening? because the manager insists on sticking with his blessed rotation policy and keeps playing sub standard players like kuyt, voronin, benayoun, aurelio, mascherano (yes, i know he plays for argentina, so what? he should come on as sub, not start) and sissoko.
      man u don't do this.
      arsenal don't do this.
      chelsea don't do this.
      in fact NO TEAM in the EPL except us do it.
      ALL other teams play their best 11 and once the game is won then they rotate their key players off for a rest.
      4 years and he still can't see it - or maybe just refuses to admint it doesn't work in england

    • So u think waiting 4 yrs is not long enough then? Comon the guy has spent money poorly the only decent player he's bought is Torres the rest are decidedly average to poor.. if Rafa & the owners are really serious about the title then firstly Rafa needs to play Babel up front with Torres in every game with Crouch as back up to Babel..

      Then clear out all the average players demand some decent money on quality players £60m should be enough 3 players of Torres' class.. then we might just win something.. but how Rafa expects to win anything with such average players is beyond me !!

    • What a shame you think we're close to being 'great' (I'm not being sarcastic there BTW).
      When I was your age (1982) - we we're in the middle of the most successful period in our history.
      Our team then was composed of Dalglish, Hansen, McDermott, Souness, Rush, Whelan Lawrensen, Johnson, Neal, Kennedy (A&R) etc....all of them had one thing in common - they would die for the shirt - most of our current crop look like they have, in it.

      Dont, please, delude yourself, we are far from being great - In comparison to Liverpool standards we are struggling to make 'average' - We still have tough games away at the 'Big 3' and we still have to play sides around us who seem to have more guts than we do at the moment