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  • OldBill OldBill Jan 22, 2008 07:15 Flag

    Anyone else see last season's Arsenal


    I'm not contradicting you for the sake of it - just enjoying the discussion.

    Its obviously at another level, the business side of it - not the game :-). - But when we won the EC in '77 - Keegan had already announced he was going to Hamburg (he got a 'few' traitor' shouts that season) - but at the time he was probably thinking about securing his financial future - something that an 'average' Premiership player could do in about 12 months now....Anyway - I digress - back to 'business'.
    Bob Paisley went and spent £440k of the £500k he got for Keegan on a bloke called Dalglish - that was business.

    As for being more enjoyable ? - I think there are some cracking games now - faster & more skillful - but I used to enjoy watching European games where you would see a test of one style against another, people would shoulder charge - even kick one another - but still get on with the game. Players have learnt the 'European' game and referees are 'kidded' every single week - that bit isnt enjoyable