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    ANGRY Crouch slams the club!


    Greetings doom and gloomers!

    I think most true LFC fans will concur this current situation at the club is one of the darkest periods in our once proud history!

    Adding fuel to the fire i see that super-striker PETER CROUCH has joined in the condemnation led by our captain STEVIE G and has slammed us by writing off our chances of a first PREMIERSHIP title!

    Though the usual fickle fools will no-doubt lambast Crouchy for speakng out, I personally cannot blame Peter for his angry words at our POOR squad and lowly position in the table after all the hype and money spent by RAFA that has amounted to an utter WASTE. Why shouldn't Crouch be angry - he's been treated like s**t by RAFA despite being our most consistent striker when called upon. The fickle FANS are of course to blame too... one bad game and they want Crouch out... yet he STILL carries on like a pro and delivers... which is more than can be said for Voronin and Kuyt even though they are second and third in the pecking order! Peter even shows up against the big clubs unlike the boy Torres who is now slumping for us, which for 25 million is UNACCEPTABLE!

    Kop-ites, the club is in MELTDOWN and now the players are rebelling too. However, UNLIKE YOU i will continue to support Peter Crouch and therefore give his comments about our squad being useless and our title challenge being over my full personal backing... and that's what sets me apart from the BLIND sheep here!

    Admit it - you were WRONG about Crouch and WRONG about us winning the PREM..


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    • Please stop using the word "us" and "ours" when you are not even one of us. You can throw all your opinions here but if you are fans from other clubs, admit it!! You will be more appreciated here by doing so.

    • It amazes me that u make up a controversial thread like that P&S then sit there laughing. Whilst u live in your sad little world as people comment to it ....

      how pathetic !!!

    • I tend to agree.
      I can't believe how blinkered so many of the LFC posters on this board seem to be when it comes to PC. I have consistently questioned how RB can leave out a striker who has this terrible habit of scoring nearly every other time he steps onto a football ground - and that includes England as well as LFC. He certainly scores far more regularly than Kuyt and Voronin combined.
      People keep calling for a player with speed to play up front next to Torres. Why? Do you think Torres is slow? Another player with speed is the last thing we need.
      We need a target man who can win the aerial ball, hold it and lay it off to Torres speeding through the opposition defence.We need someone who can make good position in the box and who can score. I think this prety well describes PC.
      Unfortunately, I tend to agree with the summation that EPL has gone again. I am rather more pessimistic, even than that. I really think, the way things are going, that we will actually struggle to qualify for ANY Europen football next season.
      We all know what that means money wise - less money into the club from no Europe and low (anything less than 4th is low, in my opinion) position in EPL means less money being made available for purchasing REAL players. At least we can sell Soss and, if management wakes up, Kuyt and Voronin and save the 17 mill by not buying Masherano. Then start looking for some decent players.
      Maybe sell Reina and get Carson back in goal. Or look for someone else. Really, Reina is starting to make Grobelaar look like a genius with some of the risks he has taken this year and as for shot stopping? I watched the Chelsea/Everton game the other morning and looked at Czech standing in goal and thought "how the hell are Everton going to get one past this guy?" Can anyone honestly say that's how they feel about Reina? Just a thought.

    • My elite database of contacts have told me that when DIC take over, Rafa is going to be given a contract extension to 2012, a raise and also £100 million. My elite contacts have informed me that the following will be coming to Liverpool:

      Richards, Lahm, Mascherano, Quaresma, Menez, Nasri, Lennon, Huntelaar and Keane.

      My contacts have said that agreements are already in place with the agents. Also in place is getting rid of the muppets:

      Riise, Aurellio, Alonso, Voronin, Kewell, Kuyt, Carson, Pennant, Sissoko.

      That should satisfy even you, you whingeing little southern shandy swilling t*rd!

    • I admit i've never really been big on crouch but he does score goals for club and country so should play ahead of voronin and kuyt. however i don't believe the players should be dissing the club - we always kept our problems in house in the past and thats how it should still be.