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  • El Nino Markie El Nino Markie Jan 25, 2008 03:52 Flag

    Liverpool Fans. Patience.

    I admit I was one of the people wanting Hicks and Gilette do leave & sell the club to DIC. But now they have now been accepted in keeping the club, all us fans must be patient. I think the protests we did, was brilliant. I think the owners realize if they dont pull there fingers out of their ass, us fans will slate them. Hopefully once they get this deal for taking over Liverpool sorted, hopefully the press and the owners will take the pressure off a little bit and get on with business. I have been disappointed with the owners conduct over Rafa. And i still believe they could of given Rafa at least another world class player. But thats the way it is. Deal with it.

    Maybe next season if they give us more money when they are more money stable then we may see some more signings.

    Is it the owners fault? that we are in a poor position in the table. NO. Is it Rafa fault? A LITTLE BIT. Is it the player fault? 100% YES.

    We have quality players who dont perform enough. I question the player mentality & passion for the club. Yes i hope we sell a few player who simply are not playing well enough. I just hope that a few of the liverpool have had a bit of a wake up call, and will react it the correct way but letting the football do the talking instead of the crap with the owners.

    We have to remember that we are getting a new stadium as well. I still believe that we should keep 'Anfield' and put the money towards players. But thats the american's idea to make massive turnover every week from the stadium, like all the big clubs do. Which i cannot fault or question.

    Disappointing season. Too right it is. But I still believe the americans can bring us back, because i was delighted when they took over the club, I felt like these were the right people, like the feeling I had with Rafa.

    Any thoughts on that?

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    • Fair enough Jason,

      Although if you remember, in not being able to get any cover, we had to resort to using our third choice keeper for a large part of the season who is shyte and we leaked goals like they were going out of fashion. We just did not have a defence and I seem to remember one or two own goals by Essien and even Ashley Cole - which just compounded our misery.

      Thankfully Drogba and Essien were on song so we still kept scoring.

      In the same way you still have first class signings in Torres, Alonso and even Crouch, who does not have the class of Torres but still scores.

      So yes, you did not get as much money as you would have expected but you STILL have a squad with players who can and have dismantled opposition.

      Hicks out...but surely Rafa is not utilising the squad he has at the moment to the best of their abilities?

    • Thankyou. But my point though Ike is that had 'The Special One' not been able to purchase his primary targets and he had to in part resort to second rate purchases do you honestly trhink Chelsea would be were they are today.............? Personally i dont think so.

      So iam blaming the 'Owners' due to the fact they lied, they promised vast sums of money in the same way as chelsea , and then renaiged on those plans.



    • I have no intention of pissing anyone off.

      If you wish to talk football, I'll talk football. You are well within your rights to tell me I am talking out of my arse but tell me which of my points you disagree with and then tell me why.

      If you wish to insult me, go right ahead. It's no skin off my back.

    • A better effort this time, pinky Ike. However, you need to be as moronic as Yankee Hicks in order to piss me off. Still a long way to go for you, pinky. = )

    • Jason, I appreciate your point and also respect the fact that you are able to give me a reason as to why you believe the current form of your club is the fault of your chairmen.

      MightyReds, that is how you reply to a fellow football fan as opposed to insulting anyone who shares a difference of opinion from yourself. I have my views and you have yours - I do not have to retort to insults to put my points across, one can only hope that at some point you are mature enough to either ignore posts you cannot reply to or when feeling the urge to spit venom, you take a leaf out of Jason's book and reply like a decent fan to encourage football chat - the reason we are on these boards.

      And in anycase you still have not mentioned which bits of my post make me an ass and why.

      Jason, I agree with you to a certain extent. Afterall we went through similar issues with Jose during the Christmas period last season when he wanted more money to get in one or two defenders and he was denied. It was a big issue, no one was happy and it sent the club on a downward spiral.

      The point I am trying to make here is that we still finished second in the league and until you beat us in the Champs league we were still fighting on all four fronts.

      So yes, I shall conceed that Hicks has a part to play in the destabilising of your club but that does not mean that the world class players in your squad should not be seeing off the likes of bottom of the table teams. Gerrad is still Gerrad, Torres still Torres etc.

      I just think that blaming the Americans and not venting a bit of spleen at Rafa - who still for some reason refuses to start Crouch - is not right.

      Thank you Jason for not being as immature as MightyReds

    • jason, I don't see why you should waste your time replying logically to someone who suggested he has a brain of a child. The pinky actually believes he can live to see Chelsea win 18 league titles. That says it all about his state of mind.

    • Ike, Hicks & Gillette came in and said thta money would be no object in terms of transfer dealings, Rafa DID spend alot but he also had to clear out alot so his Net transfer fees where somewhere around £20M some of our signings were second rate and not the original targets.

      thats why its Hicks fault

    • I see, so all the placards and banners before the Villa game with such phrases as 'if it aint broken don't hicks it etc" were for whose benefit?

      All the supporters calling programmes like "youre on skysports" claiming to speak for a majority of the liverpool fans are chatting rubbish? I mean, you have to look no further than this board - you are all united (or at least most of you) in your support for Rafa and the two people or rather the one person you are all unanimous in blaming for the unrest of Liverpool FC which in your own fellow fans interpretations have led to the dropped points is Hicks. And all this because he spoke to Klinsman in the month of November? This, at a time when you were dangerously close to not qualifying for the champs league?

      The starter of this thread actually makes the point and I quote "is it Hick's fault that we are in a poor position at the table, No. Is it Rafa's fault, a little bit. Is it the players' fault - 100% yes." This was said by a Liverpool FC supporter.

      So tell me, why would he need to make such a comment if the majority of you did not hold the view that you are in the position you are in because of Hicks?

    • Since when did anyone suggest the Yanks are the reason for the dropped points?

      You need to try harder than that, pinky.

    • I might do.....

      Seriously, which bit in my post do you disagree with and why.

      I just want to understand why H&G are the reason for the dropped points and not Rafa.

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