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  • Looks like the RBS thing has gone through - bloody sweaty socks! Now the Yanks should give Rafa a shit load of money in the summer.

    Here is my wish list for Rafa:

    Richards, Lahm, Lennon, Nasri, Quaresma, Keane, Huntelaar.

    Then he can get rid of:

    Carson, Kewell, Voronin, Kuyt, Pennant, Sissoko, Riise.

    I actually would consider getting rid of Alonso if the price was right, and let Leiva play more often.

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    • Loki, all this money is borowed, so doubt much will go into the transfer kitty. I think therefore most of your wish list is out of our price range, but to be honest with limited funds I think our priority has to be get masch deal done first, and look for quality left winger second.

      On the go list, I expect Carson to be gone over the summer. We just can't afford both him and Reina, besides Charles has done well in the cup games, and looks a solid back up. Kewell still needs to prove himself, but I'd not be surprised if we offer him a short-term contract over the summer on a lower salary. Question is will he take it?

      Recon both Pennant and Riise will stay. They both do a decent job, and we just don't have the funds to upgrade right now. Kuyt is on thin ice. I still have hope, but he needs to do well in the second half. Most expected him to do better than last year, as he shoudl be more settled, but he seems to have gone backward.

    • you RS losers need to get your facts straight. Liverpool have spent the third highest amount in the league under fatlad and spent 36 million on two players alone this season - babel and torres- and still you are below us in the table! Then after your owners have mortgaged you to the hilt you expect more money!! get a grip eh

    • Right before anyone gets carried away with transfers here is the fact, the loan on liverpool's part is 106 million.
      66 million to start building the new stadium and 45 million towards expenses and transfers.
      Take away expenses you are looking at 20 million tops for transfers.

      So any dream shopping list will remian what it is a DREAM!

      Get ready to be an also ran for many years to come.

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      • Quite H&G esp Hicks will allow Rafa maybe £23m max on players every season and expect Rafa to win everything with the players Rafa gets with that pathetic some of money every season when our rivals will spend 3 times that without breaking into a sweat.. we're gonna be an average side from now on struggling to get CL football but most likely will only get UEFA Cup football from now on.. in fact fans shouldn't expect CL football next season the most realistic outcome will be UEFA Cup..

    • how much more money does this man need, he doesn't know what to do with it when he gets it.the americans were spot on, boris johnson was spot on you scoucers never stop moaning

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      • your main problem is buying these players in the summer. what happens if you cant get 4th spot. do you think players will want to join ,if they cant play CL next year. its a tough fight for 4th spot this year villa city everton all want it bad. i can see everton and villa pressing hard to secure it within the next 5 games. you have west ham away on wednesday. if you lose that match you could be 7th in the table and 5 points of the pace.

    • Loki, on your wish list:

      Quaresma - recently committed his long term future to Porto, so forget it.

      Richards - would be pricey. Also I think if he were to go anywhere else in the prem, it would be Arsenal, his boy-hood club.

      Lennon/Keane - don't think either would leave Spurs for us. They're starting to get it together down there at the Lane.

      On your get rid list, only disagree with Carson. I think the lad is quality. Problem is he deserves more chances that he was given at Liverpool. Rafa's love affair with Reina is unlikely to end, so we may be forced to sell Carson more because the player wants to go, rather than the manager (or the fans) want him to go.

      And yes, I think Kewell's probably done his dash. He is struggling to regain the sharpness he needs to prove he deserves another contract, and time is fast running out. Most fans have lost patience with him, which I can understand.

      Yep, Alonso too. A trade with SWP was suggested on another thread, though I think the suggestion is very unlikely, I think we'd definitely be getting the better end of that deal if it went ahead.

    • Loki, i just cant see our wish lists happening matey.

      Great if they do........ BUT sadly i fear it may only be a pipe dream.


    • Mate, we need to sign Macherano first on perm deal. I honestly do not think that Rafa will be given much cash. He is a businessman, he wants profit with minimal expenditure. In other words, expect Rafa to win every competition with cheap average players.

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      • Heres what we do.....

        Its gonna have to be the case of trimming the squad down from 34??? players and using that expenditure to bring in world class players (probably 1 or 2 a year after this year but use the funds from trimming the squad and the projected £24mil to buy 3 players incl Masch this year).

        We then would have three fresh world class players to work on keeping the CL spot in the league so that other world class talent will come.

        We then suplement the smaller squad with youth team players so that they could cover in the case of injury and either develop into world class talent or be sold on if they don't develop, thereby creating further profit.

        Sound simple when you put it like that! If only it was as easy in practice!

      • Quite .. Hicks will only give Rafa the bare minimum in transfer money he's not gonna say "here Rafa take this cheque for £100m buy whomever u want" Hicks will no doubt give Rafa a kitty of £20m and tell Rafa to sell b4 he can buy.. thats the kinda guy Hicks is !!

      • Agree, as thats exactly what Hicks has done with the Texas Rangers.

      • He is a businessman <-- I mean that bl00dy darn Yanks, particularly Hicks.