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    Not fit to wear the shirt..

    The players aren't fit to wear the shirt ones whom played in Saturday's FA Cup game.. 5-2 is an disgraceful result against such minor opposition!!

    It's as bad as us losing 5 -0 to the likes of Derby!!!

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    • True - but how many times have Itanje, Hypia and Skirtle played together?

      AND you have to give H&W a lot of credit for the way they played - they didn't deserve to get knocked 10-0 - they deserved the two goals (OK, one was a deflection) but they weren't scared and came to have a go.

      Yes, we should have ripped them apart - but it was a younger LFC side and shows they our second - stringers have a lot of learning to do. Getting a little unconvinced about Babbel, he did very little.

      Lucas is one for the future - thought he did well and scored a great goal.

      Itanje is not a great number two neither - but when you get a good number two (Kirkland/Carson) they want to play more games - double edged sword really.

      But agree with your point - players who should have known better - Hypia/Finnan/Mascharano - didn't play to their full potential.

      Based on what I saw on MOD.

    • the game was not televised in the US, so i can't comment on it

      5-2 does not sound as a bad result, some of the top teams have trouble with unknown teams... playing LFC at this stage of the competition offers them a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to shine, so i am not surprised that they scored twice

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      • Yes but manohoo we played at Anfield so we had the home advantage (which this season has been patchy) also we played against a squad thats made up of part-timers and are 5 divisions lower than ourselves yet we're only able to win 5 - 2? Yet we beat Betiskas 8 - 0 and they're proffessional players..!!!

      • Ok so what it wasnt 10 nill. We got shook up in the first half and came out and scored four more in the second, so what? We played a non league team with great spirit they made a game out of it and will be forever proud of their acheivements and yet we are throught to the next round , as far as im concerned its a good day.
        And winning 5-2 against them isnt as bad as "losing 5-0 to derby" and its not as bad as losing 1-0 to Oldham because at the end of the day we are still in the competition.

    • Results business not entertaining business.
      Admit liverpool were imbarrassing and pathetic in the first half. But we won. Thats the end of it. Regardless of the performance, and yes we should of battered them. They played there hearts out, credit to them. But we won. End of story. Done.

      Lets go on and try and win this cup!?

    • man u and the gunners play bad games aswell but what counts is the final score and the win beside our name .....playing a goal keeper i think has no idea what hes doing was our main problem h and w defended well they goal keeper had a great game yes if steve g played from the start we might have need 5 up b4 half time but i injoyed the game killing smaller teams off 10.0 might be what we all want but lets face it it would have been boring if we did that,,, we didnt respect them as much as we should have in first half thats for sure but it made a better game for the second half

    • to be honset im glad we didnt stuff them by 8 or 9 goals we are scoring goals but we letting silly own goals in do u begrude h and s a couple of goals in they fairytail day out???