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    .........LFC in Debt.........


    The Facts..........

    ..''Hicks, and fellow co-owner George Gillett, are now focusing on taking Liverpool forward after completing their £350million refinancing package.

    Of that, £105million will be debt tied to the club - £60million to kick-start the building of a new stadium and £45million for future transfers. '' (teamtalk)

    questions that remain.
    1. Over what period of time is the package AND the 45M for transfers, that could be 5 years.
    2. How are you going to find the remainder of the cash for the stadium.
    3. why is everyone so excited about the stadium plans, they in fact a downgrade from what everyone got so excited about before.
    4. Are you all happy with the yanks now....

    .....is the future all bright and rosy again?????

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