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  • Andy Andy Jan 31, 2008 16:08 Flag

    The Future Of LFC

    I've been a Liverpool fan for over 30 years and it pains me to see the sorry state of the club at the moment. However, I feel that the best thing that could happen to us this season to ensure a stable and successful future is for us to finish outside a European place in the EPL and trophy less. Meaning we would be unlikely to be able to finance the interest payments on the debt and thus forcing those 2 deceitful Yanks to sell the club at a bargain basement price to DIC. DIC then wipe-out the debt, bring in a new manager with a bottomless pit of money to bring in quality players fit to wear the Liverpool shirt and we seriously challenge for the EPL next season with no distraction of European competition. We need a new manager who understands the traditions of the club and who understands what it takes to win the EPL - namely put your best available 11 players out on the pitch every game!!!

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