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  • eloader eloader Jan 31, 2008 18:17 Flag

    100,000 Fans to Buy Liverpool

    Just spotted this link on the yahoo pages...


    I for one would be interested its only £500 quid....after all....peanuts.

    I just can't find any info...anybody?

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    • It is not simply a question of how many Liverpool fans there are and how much they would cough up. What are you going to do? Have ten million people at your AGM? I think the 100,000 supporter scenario is slightly more realistic (each contributor of 5000 pounds would have a stake in the club, and at least some say in how it is run. Even then, it could prove difficult to arrive at decisions with any sort of consensus).

      The other thing is that Hicks & Gillett don't seem to want to sell the club. At Manchester United the fans threatened to kill the Glazers even before they took over the club and held mass protests. Whereas Liverpool supporters welcomed a big-business US takeover. Now you are trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted.

      Form your own club like the hardcore United supporters did..long live Punk Football!

    • Why would you really want DIC? When they first wanted Liverpool the reaction within the club was that they were just business people with no real interest in the traditions of Liverpool FC? So what has changed there?

      Hicks & Gillett have given Benitez plenty of money (Liverpool spent roughly the same amount as Manchester United in the summer) & Benitez has been given more money in january for Skrtel and Mascherano. Face facts - Liverpool have needed a decent winger for a number of years yet Benitez buys jokers like Babbel & Pennant. And players like Benayoun are distinctly average.

    • Why does it have to be for the whole 100% - I would have thought that a 'controlling interest' would have been enough for the fans to make life VERY uncomfortable for the Yanks at board meetings. I would personally love to veto every single decision they tried to make and make them want to sell their shares in the club to DIC - then the fans could opt to sell up or reap the dividends a REAL backer would surely deliver.

    • I should have said, of course, that Barcelona don't have shirt sponsorship (although they do have a charity deal with UNICEF).

      The biggest clubs that are owned by fans in England are Notts County & Bournemouth, although in terms of support there is FC United (the anti-Glazer club).

      The problem is with Premier League football as a whole. Go to your local non-league club if you don't want all the big business crap...

    • It seems a bit pie-in-the sky. The situation isn't really comparable to Barcelona, as they don't have the usual things like sponsorship, and these things are deeply entrenched at such clubs. I think West Ham fans wanted to do something similar years ago without success in any real terms...

    • Its £5000 not £500.

      And the assumption is £500m would do it, not sure it would.

      That wouldnt be the end, who would finance balance of the stadia and new players.

      After this years performance we still need 3/4 players just to close the gap!!!!!!!!

      I wouldnt throw good money after Liverpool!!