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    I don't Think its a Number 2 You need

    I think you need a new No1.

    I don't get why you say "I love Rafa"
    What has he done ?
    If your going to mention the European Cup, do you think you would be able to challenge for the League whilst doing so, because that is the measure of a good team.
    Didn't Liverpool finish 5th as European Champions, hardly fitting the European Champion is it.

    Rafa is a Poor Tactician.
    Hughes, O'Niell, Southgate, Erricsson, Ferguson, Coppell, Wenger, Bruce, Grant, Rednap, Curbishley & one or two others have Proved he is No Master Tactician.

    But I bet someone will put How much they Love Rafa as a Manager. WHY ?

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    • Er...Ferguson couldn't go for the treble anyway because of what some Liverpool fans did at Heysel.

      Ferguson was given time because he inherited a team that were a total mess from Big Ron. Half the players were chronic alcoholics. Also football was completely different in the late eighties, and the pressure to achieve immediate success was not so intense. It is pointless to compare that period with the present day situation. You even had players that were actually loyal to clubs in those days like Steve Bull...

    • Rafa brought back the CL with a mediocre team, something that SAF couldn't do with his star-studded team. SAF has made it very clear on several occasions where and what he wants to achieve with his current squad. So how does it feel to be the best in our domestic program only to be continually eleminated by lesser teams (non champions) from other countries? Does it take away or lessen your domestic achievements?
      In 10 or 20 years from now no one will care that Liverpool finished 5th, they will only be counting the silverware.
      LFC will be more of a force domestically in the future, and I can't wait for the wind-up gloaters to be in-your-face sick with our success.
      Have a great day!

    • Steve, you might be right that we maybe looking for a new number one this summer, but not sure that's really fair. Your right we should be challenging for domestic glory, and not doing so could be viewed as a failing of the manager. But, ask yourself what are the constants the teams that have all but dominated the prem? Answer, money and or stable managment. Without one, the other, or both, I don't see anyone being a serious challenger.

      You may say that Rafa has had his time, but its less than both Wenger and SAF had before they finally won the crown. You could say he's had the money this year, and still not achieved, but Chelsea and Man U had money to spend year over year that almost always surpassed the LFC budget.

      As for European cups, are you telling me that SAF or any other for that matter would not focus on CL if it was obvious that the league title had already sliped away. I guarantee you they would do the same thing. Yes there maybe an eliement of luck in it, and of course its less games played than the league. But its still 2 legs, home and away, agains the very best clubs across Europe, so its not exactly easy.

      Your right it is jam compared to the league being bread and butter, but its fine tasting jam. You know the kind you like to lick off your fingers, so I'd not knock. When you've won it 2 or 3 more times, you'll undestand what I mean.

      Rafa maybe gone this summer, and ultimatly he may not be the one who can give us what we crave, but I think only time will tell. This has been a crazy season with the ups and downs and the ownership soap opera, so who knows where we end up. If we end up with either the CL or FA cup in trophy room, and a 3rd or 4th place finish, I'd say we'd done pretty well considering.

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      • Dave I am not knocking Liverpool or it's fans, I just honestly think Benitez is not your man.
        When Sir Alex took over at Old Trafford, he had a right task to do, the biggest Club in the country, a team full of overweight alcoholics, no money, remember Michael Knighton was going to buy Utd £7 Million but had no cash,
        Fergie did not have a half desent team when he came in, he did not have big money to spend, yeah he was under the cosh, but different times and different circumstanses I agree, I do think a Manager needs time, just don't think it's Rafa.

        The teams he picks, and the Results against lowly oposition is poor, I am a Manchester United fan and I think your team Deserve better, and christ that was sore to type.

    • I think maybe thats what many of the younger LFC fans don't realise, about Great Managers,

      When Liverpool were Dominating Europe they were also Dominating their domestic league.

    • Just a question red how close was Fergie to winning the treble in his first FIVE years as manager?

      Answer: Not even close to winning any of the trophy's in the treble, I can remember the Stretford end beying for his blood and if they had not beat Forest he would have been sacked!

      You gave your Manager time why shouldn't we?

    • as far as SAF goes i can recommend you some alcohol recovery programs as well... wow, nice to see such camaraderie among rivals!

    • Maybe you do need a nutrition expert to get some pounds off Fatty!

    • so, what are you saying. .. winnning the CL in 2005 against all odds... was luck?

      playing the CL final final in 2007 was luck?

      would it it be a tactician's failure not being close of winning the CL?

      please define "tactician"... becasue i seem to misunderstand what you are trying to say