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  • Robert M Robert M Feb 12, 2008 18:51 Flag

    The race for 4th - LFC v EFC

    What this misses is Liverpool's unpredictability. You'll be right on some and wrong on others and neither you nor I nor anyone else can tell which.

    But what should give you pause for thought is that you've predicted 30 points from 13 games where so far you only have 44 points from 25 games. What gives the confidence that you're going to improve hugely?


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    • I'm not confident Robert, especially with CL and FA distractions for Rafa. My predictions were optimistic at best, as I stated.

      I think Everton are in the driving seat, because our squad seems to be so low in confidence. And, as you've pointed out, 30 from 39 is a big ask looking at our form to this point.

      And the biggest bluenose of them all on this board still thinks we're favourites to take 4th - explain that!