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    ecclestones challange to top 4

    Formula One chief and QPR investor Bernie Ecclestone believes the Premier League will never be able to sell the likes of Wigan to a global market - and has offered to organise a 'big four' mini-tournament.

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    The QPR co-owner has poured scorn on the plan to stage an extra round of league matches in cities around the world and does not believe there would be sufficient interest to sustain the proposal.

    Instead, he believes the most lucrative option would be to stage a separate tournament, unrelated to the Barclays Premier League, involving Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United.

    "The current idea the Premier League is putting forward isn't very good. They probably wouldn't find it very easy to convince someone in Singapore to have Wigan playing somebody over there. I can't see a promoter going for that," he told the Daily Mirror.

    "But if somebody said to me today 'what would you do?', I'd have the top four clubs who are known worldwide and I'd want them playing six matches against each other in a mini-league.

    "I'd run it completely separately and export it to whoever wanted to buy it. Nothing to do with anything. Not sharing the money with any of the rest of the league or anything like that.

    "I would be very happy to enter into a contract with those four clubs to run in six events if I could put the events where I wanted to put them." i would put my surport behind this idea and shove the f.a idea in the trash can how about u?

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