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  • Tim Tim Feb 20, 2008 04:29 Flag

    Brilliant performance

    You haven't cheated this well all season!

    Gerrard and Torres going down like sacks of shit whenever they're within 10 foot of the box, getting a player sent off for two nothing "offences" and Carragher giving us a masterclass in the art of waving your arms in the direction of the referee while appealing over every little thing. You've even got the commentators in your pockets this time (who had the nerve to criticise one of Inter's players for "going down a bit too easily"), I don't know what they're watching, but it's not the same game they're watching, but it doesn't bear any relation to the pictures.

    "What a world it would be if every player was as honest as Jamie Carragher" Says Tyldesley! Don't make us puke!

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    • I love liverpool and am red to the bone and weighing up the whole game last night we did deserve the result.

      I think inter came for a draw before the sending off and when that happens surely any real football fan would give the attacking more adventurous team their dues.

      I agree that the two bookings were light at best and that the referee had a bad game. but like it or not in this day and age, when alot of players drop like they have been shot at the slightest touches, (every team has them and alot are far far worse than stevie or torres for example ronaldo(not as bad as he has been granted), eboue(also the dirtiest player in the premiership), drogba, joe cole etc etc I could go on and on and on), if a player touches the shirt or goes in late or hard they are going to get punished. Bring back the old days when the game was a mans sport I say!!!! (Julian Dicks, Tommy Smith, Chopper Harris etc etc)

    • You're right - we haven't cheated all season. The teams above us in te league do it on a regular basis and get away with it.

      I've been wanting Torres to go to ground a bit easier all season. He's eventually learned that staying on your feet isn't always the best option.

      He's been kicked from behind in every game for the past 3 months and just got up, dusted himself down and got on with it. The refs offer him no protection, and we don't have a manager like Wenger or Ferguson to pressure the refs, or an on-field assistant referee like Terry.

      If we want to win the league, we need to start being like that instead of praising Torres for staying on his feet and not complaining.

      If the FA or Premier League don't like it, we can get ot the DVD's of Chelski, Arse and dirty mancscum and ask why we have to play to different rules.

      The second booking for rattymatzy was deserved because he was the wrong side of Torres and pulled him back - if Torres hadn't gone down, he would have got away with it. Well done Torres.

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      • But he went down about five seconds after the pull, when he was still in possestion of the ball having passed Matterazi. Why the ref couldn't see this is beyond me, perhaps he's from the Clattenburk school of refereeing? Which reminds me - you sure all your players were following the rules to the letter of the law that (derby) day? As far as I'm aware wrestling, diving and long jumping (ala Kuyt) are different sports entirely. No-one bats an eyelid when it's LFC, it seems to me, but when they're on the board of the FA, writing newspaper columns and having sewn up the TV commentary/punditry markets, I'm not surprised you're never called up for it.

    • STFU u bitter lil' twat - 2-0 done and dusted...next! - who gives a fark about ur opinions - go study some history and then slice ur wrist or hang urself u fookin loser. YNWA 6x ;D

    • .i dont say this often but..take your bitter and twisted jealousy and f**k off back to your own board...

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      • There's noting I'm jealous of about Liverpool.

        I felt that Torres was cheating in the first half and there was no need for it. Materazi should never have been carded, never mind sent off, but the ref was very poor.

        After the first half (and after I posted this thread) he seemed to favour Inter and they were poor and guilty of cheating on more than one occasion, TBH.

        In the end, you did play better than them and much as I think the diving and appealing are loathsome aspects of your game, the goals you scored were fair and square, and I have to admit you turned it around, well done.

        Heard Tyldesley saying Rafa's tactics had payed off, but in reality all he did was feild his best team from the start, as he should do every match if he was bothered about them.

    • .i dont say this often but..take your bitter and twisted jealousy and f**k off back to your own board...

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      Poor poor Timmy.......LOL......get stuffed...........have yourself a big cry.

      GO REDS!!!!!

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    • Tim tim nice but dim........!st half the ref had a bad game as he gave everything Liverpool's way. He must have viewed the replay at half time as he is giving everything Inter's way...Including Viera's hand ball.

      Torres is a great player but a total disgrace in the same breathe but Gerrard has not been cheating at all..................Not in this game anyway.

      Timothy...Call it how IT IS.....NOT along your own club biases..TWAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Well I made the thread at the stroke of half time and I have to agree with most of what you've just said. I thought the ref was favouring Liverpool, but it turns out he's just a crap ref in general.

        Three minutes it took for Gerrard to buy himself a free kick on the edge of the box (and get a player carded), but since then I've barely noticed him TBH.

        The king of cheats has stepped out for Inter and shown them how the master does it. Just deserts I say.