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  • Greg Greg Feb 29, 2008 23:54 Flag

    MASCHERANO Signs 4 year contract

    yes, very good news indeed. If we can spend the 18 mill that has been mentioned on masch it hopefully means we are in the market for players in this price catagory instead of the 7 to 12 mill types like kuyt etc. If this is a sign of times ahead, then we may be able to get a quality partner for nando in the summer. Masch is a world class holding player, due to his age, a better buy than makalele for chelsea, and due to general quality a better buy than hargreaves for man utd. a good signing for someone we can easily forget is still very young.

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    • Quality signing, great news.

      Maybe we should all now say sorry to H&G, maybe they are our saviors after all? lol not!!!

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      • boy am i glad you put that lol in at the end of that sentence! I dont want to seem like a pesimist, but does this signing seem like a bit of a smokescreen? our government often use tactics like this to distract us from the bigger picture, i hope this is not the case here. On the other hand it kind of outlines the fact that H&G are not going anywhere. why spend substantial amounts on a new signing if you are about to sell up? Im confused now, i dont know whether to be happy we have signed a great player, or sad that we seem to be keeping the corporate mercinaries.