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  • jason n jason n Feb 29, 2008 23:58 Flag

    MASCHERANO Signs 4 year contract

    Quality signing, great news.

    Maybe we should all now say sorry to H&G, maybe they are our saviors after all? lol not!!!

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    • boy am i glad you put that lol in at the end of that sentence! I dont want to seem like a pesimist, but does this signing seem like a bit of a smokescreen? our government often use tactics like this to distract us from the bigger picture, i hope this is not the case here. On the other hand it kind of outlines the fact that H&G are not going anywhere. why spend substantial amounts on a new signing if you are about to sell up? Im confused now, i dont know whether to be happy we have signed a great player, or sad that we seem to be keeping the corporate mercinaries.

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      • i dont think this signing has anything to do with the owners , if my memory serves me right , part of the debt taken out was 45 mill for transfers , this money goes under club capital and it will be paid back to the americans along with a little profit IF the DIC should by us out , i dont think the buy out will happen untill summer though , and im pretty sure it wont happen if were not in the champions league next season

        back to the thread subject , mascherano signing 4 years , id dont think theres a club in europe who wont envy our central midfield now , especially masch , hes our most consistant perfomer and id hate playing against him , i think hell be one of the greatest midfielders in the world soon , now if we can get those flanks sorted