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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Mar 1, 2008 01:45 Flag

    MASCHERANO Signs 4 year contract

    its a good point with Alonso being 3rd (at least) right now, but I think this can swing around. Fact is Alonso just has not found his form this season, and he's the first to say the same thing. Right now even Lucas is pushing ahead of him in the pecking order.

    But, when form returns I think the dynamic between Alonso and Masch gives us plenty of options. Lately we've been playing 5 in midfield with Stevie getting licence to roam, while Lucas and Masch both take up a holding position. No reason Masch and Alonso cannot partner in the same way.

    Or, if the need for Masch's style is not needed (which may happen more often when Agger returns and the back 4 can play higher up the pitch) then playing Alonso as the master distributor becomes a more atractive option.

    And, lastly, while I and many are not big fans, there is always the option of playing Stevie on the right, and set up both Masch and Alonso as traditional central midfielders. Think this option has its place, but should be used only on limited occasions, but remember I think you'd agree Alonso had some of his best outings this season when he was partnered with Masch, when Stevie was out with the broken toe, and before Alonso broke his foot.

    One thing for sure though, so long as Rafa is in charge he's going to want 4 central midfielders, so he has his 2 players for each position rule maintained. At least one of them is going to see less action as Stevie is never going to rest in many games, but all will get some action, and need to be ready in case of injury to a teammate.

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