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    abu: remove cahill from your picture

    As board of the board i willl occasionally tell people what to do when necessary. I expect my orders to be followed out.

    abu remove that stupid picture of cahill from your picture. it's depressing seeing one of those donkeys from across the park. I think the board is in unity with not wanting to see that loser all the time. I don't care if you're australian. I'm not going to put a picture of wayne rooney up because he's english.

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    • Not bad mate, hating the weather in this country by the day. Hope you are still looking on the sunny side despite all the bullsh*t on this board lately.

      I understand where you're coming from, I think I would be a little more hardheaded but as you normally say, we're here to talk football.

      As for Kewell, I can't see him playing another game in a Liverpool shirt, which is a little disappointing. I really expected him to pull something out of the bag and get another years contract. I'm even more disappointed coz I got a shirt with his name on it (that I bought when he joined us) that doesn't see the light of day.

      Take it easy Mr President. =o)

    • Cahill isn't Australian either - he's Samoan!

    • I think the best way to resolve this little storm is for LFC to go and buy TC. Then everyone can be happy ;-)

    • are these responses conclusive for you abu?

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      • In a word.....no.

        There were quite a few posters - whose opinion I actually respect - who said off this thread that they have no problems with it.

        This is such a stupid debate. But for the sake of the board, I've gotten rid of it - just to prevent this stupid thread from being bumped whenever a handful of idiots decide they've got nothing better to talk about.

        So say hello to King Craig, the best perm ever to grace the Anfield turf.

        Now, enough already. Can we please all get back to talking about what we're meant to on here.



    • I notice a theme emerging among those who say they want me to drop Cahill - this is an LFC board etc etc

      To those people might I point out the following

      - I use the same profile to post on other boards, not just this one. Doesn't seem to be a problem anywhere else, so why is it here?

      - Many people - not just me - use their profiles to represent themselves rather than the club they support. Nothing wrong with that, just personal choice. Our resident p1sstaker uses his to illustrate what an enormous c0ck-puller he is. I use mine to illustrate I'm a proud Aussie. Is there a difference?

      - Statements that it harms my credibility as a Red on here etc - sorry but I don't get that at all. I posted on here for at least 6 months without any picture at all. I'm still posting the same way as before, offering the same respect to those who offer it to me. I still praise the team when it's due, offer an honest opinion when I think it's due.

      Nothing has changed with me from before and after the picture went up, does the fact that it's there now change everything for some? If it does - I think those individuals have very short memories. And are a wee bit shallow.

      There are alot of respectable posters on here, TRUE Reds. I will listen to them, and if they want it gone - it'll go.

      The p*sstakers and pretend fans on here can kiss my @rse. And Cahill's while their at it.

    • abu_president I reckon you remove cahill from your picture. I think you're a decent poster and good to read but having cahill there takes away abit of your credibility. I respect you for being patriotic but I love Liverpool more then England and reckon cahill should go mate.

    • thommo66 i'm not from Uk or ireland...what does bigstlye mean?is that an english slang or something?
      Anyways i don't think abu should remove his pic. Who cares if cahill's in the pic. He's wearing an Aussie jersey not an everton one. He's patriostic...Anything wrong with that?

    • i've mentioned this to abu_president too. don't mind him too much (bit of an idiot though) but that pic does offend me bigstyle.

    • I guess that's the difference between English and Aussies, we take pride in our sportsmen and back them regardless. Whether they're wearing the gold shirt or not doesn't matter.

      Tell you what I'll do, if enough GENUINE fans register on THIS thread their wish for me to remove this picture because it upsets them, then I will happily comply. Can't say I'll understand why to be honest, it's a bit petty and childish if you ask me. But if it upsets the genuine masses, I'll definitely respond accordingly.

      And votes from plastics/fakers will mean nothing to me. I can't see anything they say anyway, courtesy of the old IGGY button (what a brilliant invention that is - seriously!)

      Sound fair?