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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 5, 2008 22:24 Flag

    abu: remove cahill from your picture

    sounds very fair. however are you going to name everyone who says they want you to remove it a plastic fan? Who do you consider a plastic fan and we won't include them.

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    • Am I going to name everyone who says they want me to remove it plastic? Absolutely NOT!

      I've been around here long enough to know who the real, decent fans are, and who the noobs are who offer me no respect, and just have a pop at me about my photo for laughs. They are no more offended by it than they are by any of the other shyte they love bringing to this board.

      But I will listen to and respect the wishes of those who have always offered me respect, but genuinely have a problem with the picture. I do not wish to offend genuine fellow reds. The fakers are pretty easy for me to ping.....most of the time.

    • and boss, sorry but yours is the kind of id that I simply would not trust as a genuine fan.

      Just 2 posts to this board??

      Smacks of yet another fake profile belonging to someone I have nothing more than contempt for.....