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    Respect for a TRUE LFC LEGEND


    Kop-ites - many of you plastics and newbies won't know that one of the TRUE LFC legends is non other than KEVIN KEEGAN (OBE).

    Whilst the Geordie morons bafflingly lay claim to Keeg's as their hero, true supporters of LIVERPOOL football club like me know that he achieved absolutely NOTHING at that joke of a club whilst at LFC Kevin can boast such accolades as.. 3 league titles, 1 european cup, 1 fa cup and 2 uefas as well as a european footballer of the year award whilst wearing the hallowed red shirt.. indeed his partnership with John Toshack remains one of our best and i can say with chest-swelling pride that as a lad it was KK that helped make me the elite LFC supporter you know me as today!

    With this in mind i am DEMANDING that we show respect to one of our all-time greats when his Newcastle side come to Anfield in a few days time. We will not gloat or berate Kevin because we RESPECT these true legends that put FAKES like Owen, Fowler and Torres who have achieved next to NOTHING in comparison to KK in the shade of LFC history.

    Respect for King Kevin or LEAVE my club and leave it NOW.


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    • P&S, you posted a Football thread today, of which there are few around these days. While I've had issues with you in the past, got to respect you talking about football, so lets try to use this thread to stimulate FOOTBALL debate.

      Your rightly IMO point out the true legend status of Kevin Keegan. But I'm curious who else should we put at the top of our individual Legends list. But to put a twist on it, lets only point out the non scousers who've come to LFC, become a legend, and sum up what it is to be a Red.

      My top 3:

      1. Kenny Dalglish
      2. Kevin Keegan
      3. Ray Clemence.

    • P&S, I can for once agree with at least 80% of your post today. Don't agree with your opinion of Fowler, and as I've said before its way to early to put Torres in the Legends category, but also way to early to write him off either.

      But Keegan is a true legend, and you rightly praise him and expect true reds to pay him the respect he deserves. Maybe its a generation thing, but for me its always been Keegan, then Dalglish, who will remain my all time footballing heros.

    • Im with you my friend Paisley. Do one blue noses. And I will certainly be giving Keegan a big clap, for his services for Liverpool in our glory days. Fantastic for us. But when the game starts, support goes to our lads not to keegan. I feel sorry for him as he been left with a total crap squad at Newcastle. And hopefully we destroy them at the weekend.

    • Who do you support you loser. Everton or Man United? Every liverpool fan in the world knows Keegan as a liverpool great you sound really proud you know he played for us. Did you find that out today on wikipedia you loser

    • don't worry paisley, we always treat our greats with respect (except souney haha). I will be at the game and applauding Keegan and so will alot of my mates. YNWA