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    Scousers be Afraid, be very afraid.

    Just a little heads up for you 20 year failures when you come to get your annual beating at the Theatre of Dreams...


    Brown Pique Vidic Evra

    Giggsy Scholesy Hargreaves Ronaldo

    Tevez Rooney

    Tactics attack, attack, attack and shut down Gerrard and Torres with ease........it's that simple

    it's about time you dreamers stopped thinking you re threat to the 9 times EPL and current champions... come get some rats........

    Score 3 - nil UNITED!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • bump

      just a quickie to remind you of what i said about the score losers... can we play you every week please? bahahahahahahhaa


    • Quite right they're proffessionals they're entitled to play for whomever whenever they want and fans need to understand that... rather than call them "traitors". Owen was labelled a "traitor" but lets get real these people are no more a "traitor" than any1 who leaves one place of employent to go to another..

    • I think Gerrard claims in his 'autobiography' (I know footballer's so-called autobiographies are about as reliable as the Daily Sport), that he had trials with United because he wanted to force Liverpool into offering him a deal. I don't think there was any mention of him being offered a deal with United, but it is clear that the whole episode caused him a bit of embarassment.

      The threats made against Gerrard over the potential Chelsea move aside, I am sure I read somewhere that Gerrard said he realized he would never be welcome in the city for the rest of his life if he went to Chelsea, and consequently it would have been a form of exile from family, friends, etc.

      This is probably the wrong place to ask, but didn't Rooney face the same kind of ostracism in the city? I wonder if he still has contact with his mates from Croxteth (who are probably Everton supporters). I know Rooney is still an Everton supporter, but I suppose - like Alan Smith - he put his career first. Well, I suppose they are - strictly speaking - professionals, but I suppose us supporter mugs expect total loyalty from players.

    • John S, I normally agree with most of what you say but it was Liverpool who allowed Gerrard and plenty of the other youngsters to try out at Man United, Man City and Everton and United offered him to sign a contract with them but he didn't want to join, he wanted to stay with Liverpool.

      I dunno how much truth is in those death threat claims although summit might have happened as it does seem odd to hand in a transfer request and the next day withdraw it, but that's all in the past I do think he's happy at Anfield for now but is so desperate for the title if we don't land it or push very very close next season I can see him leaving.

    • So you don't think the death threats to Gerrard's family impacted on his decision not to leave? At least Rooney had the guts to ignore them, when the same thing happened with Everton fans! Gerrard is stuck with you - it isn't genuine loyalty. He just knows that he can't move to another club in this country (and there has been no real interest from Spain or Italy), so he has to lump it rather than like it (a bit like Rio Ferdinand who also wanted to move to Chelsea a while back, although is probably glad he didn't now)..and lets not forget Stevie G had trials with United as a youngster!

    • Isn't there a point in this that some people have missed. Stevie G is a world class player, and despite being offered mega bucks to go and play at Chelski he stayed loyal to his club, a very very very rare thing in this climate. Would My Little Trick Pony (Ronaldo) do the same??? I doubt it very much.

      Liverpool at least are a club of integrity and lets face it, as I recall the Man U fans did a fair amount of bitching about the Busby babes and how great a side they were when Liverpool dominated England and Europe, exactly how many times did you win the league in the 80's??

      I really do think our day is coming, and when we return to prominence we will dominate for years again.

      As for Sunday, I'd love to see us paste Utd but think a 1-0 nicked victory will be more likely.


    • Liverpool v FC Bruges final was on Sky was it? I was going to football matches at Old Trafford before decimalization, pal.

      The point is that the game has changed. It no longer costs a few pence to get in, the terraces have gone, the middle-class support has increased massively, and the sort of players who wouldn't have ever considered signing for an English club in the seventies & eighties now flock here. It is not my doing. I didn't agree with the idea of the Premier League or the Champions League. But reality has a nasty habit of kicking you in the teeth, and making you look at what is abundantly evident.

      The European Cup no longer exists in its prior form, neither does the old first division.

      In all honesty, given the choice between the EPL OR the CL, I would choose the EPL. But a double is still possible, so maybe! Who is always "promising to win the European Cup/CL"?
      Liverpool are the only club I can think of who constantly make that idle boast every year. United fans and the club are well aware that the treble will probably never happen again, and that winning the EPL and the CL is a Herculean task...no silly boasting here, or are you setting up a parodied conception of United and then attacking it?

    • Torres is a good striker, although one point you overlook is that defenders might have him 'sussed' in his second season. Look at Berbatov, still good, but not looking as good as last season.

      Only a fool would claim that Torres is actually a better player than Ronaldo. Torres has a long way to go to prove he is as good as Van Nistlerooy or Henry, never mind comparing him to Ronaldo. I genuinely think that Ronaldo is the best foreign player to ever play in the English League, and I am glad he plays for United (that is an objective view, rather than 'fan' talk).

      The lad (Torrres) is doing well, but don't get too carried away.

    • Another idiot who knows nothing about football and thinks it started when Sky did.If it was so easy then why didn't Manure come anywhere near.....and as for this year you haven't won anything yet...always promising to win European Cup every year always failing!

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