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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Mar 20, 2008 23:47 Flag

    Scousers be Afraid, be very afraid.

    A draw at OT would be a good result, no doubt about it, but I really think we have a chance at all 3 points. My worst nightmare is we dominate possesion, get the lion share of chances, but they get a late one from a set piece or a breakaway.

    Not sure your right on Kuyt/Evra match up. Yes Evra should be able to dominate Kuyt on a one on one match up, but got to think what Kuyt's job will be on Sunday. If he keeps Evra pinned back, and runs him ragged, he will have had a good match. If in the process that opens space for Torres to penetrate between the center backs and left back, or space for our right back to come up into, then Kuyt will have more than done his job.