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    Torres commits Professional suicide!!

    I wonder what must be going through this strikers head when he sits at home and thinks about his future at Liverpool.

    Of course he will become a legend at Liverpool if he stays but im very doubtful that he will win the amount of trophys to satisfy his hunger! ( although i question if he has much in the way of ambition) I mean why join a club that has 2 world class players (Gerrard and Carragher) and many average players.

    If joining liverpool was just a convenience thing due to liverpool being managed by a spanish tellytubby then i dont expect Torres to have a long career at Liverpool.

    Ferguson spent alot of time scouting Torres and made several moves in 2006 which were all blocked by Atletico Madrid at the time. Torres never stated he would not join United and made it clear that something would happen but only when his beloved Madrid were better equipped to allow him to leave.

    Surely he must now have realised now that was a huge mistake. Because he will now find it very difficult to leave Liverpool for another English team. At the end of the day goals are good but no one remembers finalists or runners up let alone 4th or 5th place. As another year rolls on without the premiership more pressure mounts and before long another title challenge disappears like a fart in the wind. And all the fans can hold on to is "weve won it 18 times! (funnily enough 18 years ago aswell)

    Going back to Torres surely he would of relished the chance to play alongside Rooney Ronaldo Tevez Nani and players who are young and have massive potential. A midfield that boasts some of the best midfielders around Hargreaves, Carrick and Anderson and a back four that is possibly the best partnership in world football at the moment which Torres has found out only 2 well.

    Instead he has joined a club that is better equipped to win the CL more than the EPL and dont get me wrong i know Liverpool are a handy team in Europe but I dont see them getting past Arsenal and Chelsea in a million years.

    Eventually he will become a great player at an average club. A certain ex England striker springs to mind!!

    In fact having liverpool in the league is proving beneficial for United as its a guarenteed 6 points and 2 clean sheets. Its a shame for Torres that he couldnt show us what we were missing out on as Vidic and Rio were fighting as to whose pocket could they keep in.

    In fact its amazes me that all the liverpool fans think reina cost them the game!! absolutely comical.

    Yes he was poor coming for both of the crosses for the 1st and 2nd goal but the amount of blocks he stopped which prevented certain goals surely made amends for those gols. In fact had it not been for possibly Roanldos goal i think he would of been a contender for MOTM and the result could have been far worse. How fickle these fans are these days!!


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    • Well United have the scored the most and conceeded the least in the league... Dull? Well if that's dull then you need to look up the word dull in the dictionary.

    • Why you say that ??? He didn't come back with any of his so-called facts !!!

    • Red Shadow, I think you just got spanked there.

    • Another fantastic post - lol !

      What 100% true stats do you refer to ??? The only one so far is that MU won the game yesterday and that you have a Bum Chum called Stanley ! lol

    • Underwhelmed ny my football knowledge????

      Does that mean you just dont like my 100% true facts because please correct me if im wrong.

      Oh thats right you cant!! sorry if my stats dont meet your approval. Why dont you set up a league on pro evo and edit Liverpool and make them amazing and make United Shit so you can see your team win the league!!

      Alternatively go and buy a beatamax video player and watch your last league win!!

      If you dont have a console or a beatamax video player.

      Just go down your local im sure some thieving scally will have 1 for sale or just go and rob one yourself!!!

    • Another intellectually stimulating footballing post from a Manc Scumbag - wow, I am underwhelmed by your footballing knowledge. What does impress me though is that you are able to admit that our boards are worth staying on. Cheers !

      PS I wouldn't want to take your bum chum Stanley away from you - so you keep him to yourself ya Queer.

    • OMG another tit with an even more ironic name.

      Hey LFC sofa fan, Bet your glad you werent in the stands yesterday watching us playing our dull football which beat you 3 nil and for the 10th time in our last 12 games. Yes thats right 10 wins in 12 games.

      Heres your stats against us in those games! I wont embarase you with the break down of each game (unless you want me to)

      Played 12
      Lost 10
      Drew 1
      Won 1

      goals scored 4
      goals conceded 17

      thats 5 wins in a row aswell without conceding a goal you moran.

      You are an even bigger disgrace to your own fans than Red Shadow, now get back to your armchair you uneducated idiot before i rip you a new arsehole!!

    • Red Shadow what an appropriate name.

      Ironic indeed and what Red Shadow have you been in now for the last 18 years shall we say.

      You are either one of the following

      1. So stupid and thought that Red Shadow sounded cool as a name

      2. You wanted to have the piss taken out of you by other teams fans

      3. You have a sense of humour and know that your team is a load of dog w*nk

      Please enlighten me which one are you?

      Oh and il go when im good and ready and not a moment before.

      Ask me again and il introduce you to my mate stanley!

    • Yes I know red shadow.. u would think they'd have sense to stay put on their own boards unless of course the ManUtd board is dull lol much like their team !!!

    • Ferguson enquired about Torres, but passed at the price Atletico wanted because he felt the lad wasn't a finisher......Credit to Benitez for putting his neck on the block (because if Torres hadn't worked out he would have gone when it was kicking off earlier in the season AND we'd be mid table)....Fergie doesn't always get it right. Nistelrooy I believe is doing rather well since leaving as it goes as well. HAving said that Torres has yet to deliver in the biggest of games, but Ronaldo has been afflicted by that curse, well maybe until yesterday. I'm sure that'll come.

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      • Just for the record we knew when we sold Nistelrroy he was a top goalscorer. he scored 37 and 44 goals in his 1st 2 seasons but he fell out with Ronaldo and that was his downfall. I know which player i would prefer!!

        Oh and by the way you might have noticed we won the league last year when we didnt have him. Both Ronaldo and Rooney bagging 23 goals each. Strangely the press dont ever mention Ferguson selling Nistelrooy as a mistake and rightly so. Because the stats back up the facts