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  • Richard P Richard P Mar 24, 2008 18:08 Flag

    Masching it up

    it will be interesting to see if mascherano gets the same treatment from the FA when he pushed alliadiere in the face that alliadiere got. Mascherano was fine, alliadiere although he was guilty as well got a four game ban

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    • Cluck Cluck , my keyboard is dodgy on my other PC, do you ever say anything useful, seriously do you, have you ever seen a woman naked apart from in your Mums "Special" friend's magazines?

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    • you're barely intelligible RTIAD. You sure you aren’t one of the fakers behind the slayer ID??

      I think what you are trying to saying is that you didn't see Mascherano do anything wrong when you was at the ground.

      Or, by "I was at the game yesterday" did you in fact mean you was out renting your ass in town and missed the game altogether?

      cluck cluck

    • law 12 - cautionable offences cites dissent by word or by action as a cautionable offence. Sprinting 20 yards to get involved in a referring decision which didnt involve you constitutes "dissent by action". It was the correct decision -- he should live with it and accept the rules of the sport that provides him with a great living. He actually also showed dissent and was verbally abusive to the ref on 3 occasions prior to the second yellow so it could be argued that he was actually lucky to last the first half.

    • Alliadiere got his fine increased as the FA felt the appealing the decision was trivial, not what happened on the pitch. It was pretty black and while, he struck a player in the face, and its a red card offense. Not sure how they felt an appeal would overturn the decision.

      I've no idea if there is a plan to appeal the decision on Mach, but since its decent, which is a bit more subjective, then more likely to get a hearing. But, the jeapardy is the FA increasing the ban, not due to any appeal, but the fact he did not leave the field on his own accord.