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  • Richard P Richard P Mar 24, 2008 21:47 Flag

    Masching it up

    ere we go, Neville bashing again!!!

    Perhaps been an Everton fan I don't appreciate why many Liverpool fans boo their every move but for the last 2 derbies at Anfield it bemuses me really why he gets the abuse that he does, Phil I mean!

    He doesn't score many goals obviously but what a dream it would be for him to score the winner or even equaliser on Sunday.

    I think from the Kop you would be able to hear a pin drop.

    Its all a shame because I would like the environment to become a tad more friendly in the derbies. there is no need for the abuse and after all fans from both sides still sit together I believe. I could be wrong on that one.

    If it is still true, which other game in Britain could recreate that togetherness?

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