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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 24, 2008 18:08 Flag

    Relieved we didn't buy Mascherano....

    Defensively I really rate this guy, he protects his back four as well as anyone and originally I actually hoped he would be our first choice over the likes of Hargreaves...

    But how wrong was I?!

    Two things have been come abundantly clear....

    1) He has no clue what to do with the ball once he's got it, his passing his poor and his creativity lacking.

    2) He's a petulant little gobshyte, a major liability.

    He got booked rightly for a dangerous lunge and then telling the ref to f*ck off twice. I thought he could of gone then. Then he gets involved for no reason at all when Torres gets booked, he was looking for trouble.

    What exactly did he expect, wheres been the past week?!

    It didn't make much difference to the game, we were already winning comfortably and should have been 3 up at the time anyway, I have no doubts we would have still thrashed you as easily as we always do, but you can't be happy with this guys behaviour.

    Anyway, thanks for the 6 points, 2 clean sheets, and lorra lorra laughs. Tara.

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