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    How much do we need to spend in the summer?

    When you consider the Mancs have 6 or 7 £20 mil players, would it be any exaggeration to say we need to spend at least £60 mil in the summer?

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    • Loki you aware that Newcastle are planning to spend £50m+ next season on players.. correct me if I'm wrong but aren't we a much richer club than Newcastle United?

    • A £100m would be what we need to spend on players then we'll be true contenders for the title..

      Otherwise we'll be forever chasing Chelsea for 3rd spot but never win the league..

      Any less than £100m then once again we'd be adding more average players to an overall average squad !!

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      • U could spend 200 m and still be no nearer to winning the title.
        It all depends how they fit into the team and how the team plays

      • I wouldn't want us to spend 100m plus. I'm sure improvements can be made without that sort of unbalanced outlay, and what if we didn't improve. Thats Leeds United type spending and look where they are, no rational business man and football is a business now is going to put that sort of cash injection in. Abramovich I know did at Chelsea, but therin lies the rub, I don't respect the achievements of Chelsea with the money they have spent. At all!! I want our club to be respected by other fans as well as ours, and it on the whole is. We do things a certain way and organic growth is the way to go. 100m spent on the team isn't sustainable.

    • United only have two players that cost over 20 million, and as skinflint Wenger constantly points out - England internationals tend to be over-priced but if you want them you have to pay top whack. But of the foreign players they were bought in the same price range as yours:

      Take Ronaldo & Kuyt (roughly the same price)

      Anderson & Mascherano (ditto)

      Nani & Babel (ditto)

      Evra & Arbeloa (ditto)

      Vidic & Skrtel (OK, Vidic was a litle more, but not much)

      Our three goalies in total cost around 5 million.

      Our other expensive signings recently have again been two top England internationals: Carrick and Hargreaves (18 Million & 17 million).

      So is your point that you need to buy the top England players, or that Benitez needs to buy some more costly foreign mistakes. You talk about buying a top striker to partner Torres, but you showed Anelka the exit door when his loan period was up.

      Since the Veron disaster (one nobody could really have predicted as he was rated best in the world by many at the time), United have made a lot of excellent signings, and as I point out above they were not overly expensive. But you know the players that would go for around 20-30 million in this country are the top English players. I know you paid this sort of fee for Torres, but generally you can get very high quality foreign players for between 8-15 million, as long as you identify the right ones.

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      • Well finding the right players is up to our scouts .. they're the ones that inform Rafa of whose hot and whose not !!

        Then Rafa has to go cap in hand to H&G and like Oliver Twist, say "please sir's can I have some more"...

      • Rooney and Ferdinand were nearly 30m apiece....if thats not enough Nani was close to 17m, whlst babel was 10.5. Wasn't Evra 4.2 ish, whilst Arbeloa cost 2.5m, plus carrick and hargreaves as you point out. I have previously done the exercise where Uniteds 1st 11 is the most costly in the premiership, and tops ours on most occasions by 70m or so....I'm not bitter but you have to admit you have more money and spending power and that fergie wields the chequebook albeit he is a good identifier of talent (I thought Veron was quality too)....Kuyt and Morientes have been Rafa's biggest mistakes, but then Carrick is one of Fergies' IMO well maybe with Kleberson, and he has gone through keepers (Taibi for one) like no-ones business. So no-ones perfect unless they are Wenger maybe. If we had Uniteds money we would be challenging year in year out. No question. But then so would Everton, or anyone else.

    • 400M........should get you a champions lague spot..

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      • Well we need a couple of full backs probably and another centre back but no reason why these should cost the earth. They don't have to be flashy names, and with good scouting and coaching we should be talking 15m for the three.

        Now going forward is a different matter, and with Torres playing well, we need a striker with an eye for a pass, and who can suck defenders in plus chip in himself to play with him. Aguero of Atletico would be perfect, someone of that ilk. If I was in dreamland its Messi all day although in the English game he'd be injured all the time. I've got a feeling we could see either Kanoute or Forlan in a red shirt at some stage and I'm not sure about my feelings regarding either of them. Aguero would be Torres money all over again at least.

        When it comes to width, we also need a really good winger, and I think we should stay English on this one. I'm wary of flashy foreign widemen, trying to copy Ronaldo with their step overs. Lennons stock seems to be falling, but he has potential. Not sure how walcott ,might pan out at Arsenal or SWP finally at Chelsea, but the real catch would be Bentley at Blackburn who seems to be really maturing. For most of these players I guess we are taling 15m ish.

        So thats 50m, to be offset by Kuyt (8m), Benayoun (4m), Finnan (1.5m), Alonso (10m), Voronin (3m) all to go. Net spend 23.5 million. I don;t think that would be asking too much. The only one I'm wary of letting go is Alonso, but we have a young lad JAy Spearing coming through with potential, and also DAnny Guthrie potentially to return who has done a similar Alonso role at Bolton and gained some maturity. To fund what we need he may well have to depart.

    • Agree. But id say a Minimum of 60million. We need decent full backs, decent wingers. And the only way we will progress if we get another striker who has tasted success, and who is proven.

      Its simple we are only going to progress if we spent big. We are simply not good enough to compete with the big boys. We are a 4th place side, and we are struggling to be that. Hurts me to say that. But us fans have realized it. And I think Rafa knows that now, by the way his attitude has changed this season. I just hope he becomes into a tough manager and has a bit of a clean out of players who are not good enough. And bring in, genuine quality.