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    Friends! Jose has been accused in the past of being negative, so given the current ABYSS the team is in (due to the NEW DEPTHS Fatty has managed to sink to), Jose gives you the following blueprint to success.

    It is clear to all now that a clearout is needed this summer, beginning with the pie-eater and his woeful scouts and backroom staff. There will be various worthy coaches available including Rijkaard, Scolari, Mourinho, Lippi, Hiddink, Mancini, etc.

    Here are the essential players that MUST be bought:
    1. Sergio Agüero, Atlético Madrid, CF
    2. Ricardo Quaresma, Porto, LWM/RWM
    3. Daniel Alves, Sevilla, RB
    4. A world-class CB (Take your pick)
    5. Diego, Werder Bremen, CAM
    6. Philipp Lahm, Bayern Munich, LB
    7. Lukas Podolski, Bayern Munich, ST
    Reduce the outlay by selling donkeys/retirees like Kuyt, Hyypiä, Kewell, Voronin, Arbeloa, Finnan, etc.

    Bring through some of the promising youngsters already in the squad instead of sending them out on loan again, namely, Carson, Leto, Hobbs, Guthrie, and Insúa.

    While this exciting "new look" team works on the pitch, the owners must get work started on the new stadium. Within no time, the trophies and money will start rolling in. Hicks and Gillette to sit up, take notice, and call ASAP. Jose has spoken!! Obrigado friends!!!

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    • Good post Jose, but getting rid of Rafa is not the answer i would like to see what he could do if given the cash.
      As with your list Rafa has shown interested and enquired about.
      Alves and Augero in the past.
      So he seems to be thinking along the lines as you do as indeed i do.
      For months i have mentioned Quaresma,Alves,Podolski and Lahm not Augero but have kept an eye on him this season and can see where Rafa would fit him, anywhere! because he is that versatile as a player and Rafa loves that especially in a striker.
      Also agree with bleeding the youth through more, i think we should do what Arsenal do and play them in the Carling cup. No disrespect to the Carling cup but it is fourth in the cup league. This way it's putting pressure on them to deliver and would be intersting to see how far some of these lads have developed.
      Good thread Jose and agree 99% of it.

    • Jose, not sure I'm in full agreement with you, but you do put forward some positive ideas. Adding 7 new players, all of whom are likely starters is a major change and we'd have to expect it would take time for the unit to gel. Not sure this, plus a new manager is the best recipe for a title challenge for next season.

      Upgrades in certain areas are needed, but balancing this need, with the need for a stable squad that understands each other and plays as a unit is going to be tricky. It would be a lot to expect new players to settle as quicly as Torres did, and if your talking about that many players, its not just a question of the individual player adjusting to playing in England, but the entire squad gelling around new personel, and potentially new formations and tactics.

      However, intereting names you've put forward, although I'm not the expert on foreign players. At least 2 or 3 should be strong considerations, with my priorities being wingers, followed by striker, and then full backs.

      But, on the issue of bringing through youngsters, or step 3, in 100% agreement with you. I hope many of these get a real look in during the pre-season, with the cream getting bedded in to the 1st team squad. With the success our youth team and reserve teams have had of late, you've got to assume there are a few of these lads that are ready to try to make the transition to first team football.

    • Holy sh*t I agree with you with the exception of Podolski, he's a bit of a sulker when things don't go his way. I think Huntelaar would be a better bet!

    • Sounds good Jose, well done on an excellant post.

      What I would add is that the young players go out on loan to get competative experience. Its just not going to happen at Pool unless we don't mind potentially loosing points still.

      What I would suggest in its place is that we have 1 under 21 player in the subs for every match (where practical) and use that sub when we are in a position of authority. This would allow experience to be gained and the new blood to come through.

    • I agree something needs to change and change drastically if we've got serious aspirations to win the title!! No more average players ..

      Why bring in a striker like Kuyt then use him as a winger? He was bought to score goals if he can't do that then either swap him for a dedicated winger or just sell him !! I dunno about not being up 4 the job.. if Rafa was given adequate funds I'm sure we'd be up there challenging for the EPL title..

      If you recall Rafa was hired because he won the LaLiga with Valencia!!

      So he's capable of winning league titles he just needs the backing.. and the money to go with it !!