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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Mar 26, 2008 20:24 Flag

    Did you know...?

    Lets be fair now. I'm not Hicks fan (or Bush for that matter), but this is guilt by asociation your trying to pin on him. In fact if he got a good deal, more credit to him, as I applaud anyone who can get one over on Bush Jr.

    As for players, think we've actually done better than 2. Yes we need more quality in key positions, but are you being a little forgetfull. What about Babel, what about Skrtel, what about Lucas?

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    • Are you sure it's Bush Jr? I think it could be Bush senior. Havnt read that abt Bush Jr.
      But would i know i'm not american.

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      • It was George W, the current President. He's got, depending on your perspective, a very shady or lucky track record of making money. Was a failed oil man in West Texas, but was able to trade on his name while Daddy was in the White House to sell out his all but bankrupt oil company to a larger company. Should be noted he never made a real profit when he ran his own independent company, but was continally bankrolled by a number of influetial investers including a number of members of the Saudi Royal Family, and an extended member of the Bin Laden clan.

        He latter took that profit, and pooled it with a team of investers who bought the Texas Rangers baseball team. By all acconts he had no dealings with the management of the club, but was the public face, and again traded on his name. When he got invited to run for Governor of Texas, he sold the Texas Rangers for a handsome profit. Did not know the buyer was Hicks, but makes sense as far as what I know about the timeline.

      • Bush Jr or Sr, who cares, both as crooked as the other!