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  • Robert M Robert M Mar 31, 2008 20:03 Flag

    Does Benitez ever see red?

    Watching the highlights of the Man U v Liverpool match (a week late), I was once again disappointed with how Benitez couldn't see why his player had been sent off. Mascherano was a red card waiting to happen with his continual harrassment of the referee. When finally he went, you could see the referee warn him in advance and still he continued. But Benitez thought otherwise and couldn't see it. He seemed to think Mascherano was a nice boy minding his own business.

    I don't watch Liverpool that closely and I find Benitez interviews nearly as dull as Avram Grant interviews, but I'm reminded of when Liverpool players have been sent off against Chelsea. When Crouch was sent off earlier this season for his flying karate kick against Mikel, Benitez thought it was all Mikel's fault, for not being injured enough or something, and when Reina was sent off a couple of seasons ago, first for scything down Gudjonssen and then for smacking Robben in the face, according to Benitez it was all Robben's fault.

    Does Benitez ever think a red card for a Liverpool player is anything but someone else's fault?


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    • The only manager out of the 'big 4' who answers with any honesty is Fergie and it hurts me to admit that and even he is prone to the odd bull shiit. Rafa blags his way through difficult question when he could/should use the opportunity to show the public that the club does not accept behaviour like that. Wenger talks the most amount of crap out of anyone I've ever seen though he even puts Rafa in the shade.

      There are a few honest managers out there - Paul Jewell, Poyet (although only assistant manager), Roy Keane, Keegan and a few more can't think of them all at present, bu anyway you are right Rafa does at times talk pure trash at times when a Liverpool player is in the wrong.

    • This is so old news Robert, It is like we re-re- rediscuss Terry trying to snatching cards from the referrees hand again.
      What point are you trying to make or are you just trying to stir things?


    • I still remembered fondly of a Rafa's quote which says something like if Chelsea plays fair football, then he is little Red riding hood. = )

    • A lot of people on here thought it was a bit harsh.

      Probably not the best place to ask the question considering how we're Liverpool fans and "would" say that.

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      • Well, I know we all defend our own. I do, too. But the MotD analysts showed how much Mascherano was a red card waiting to happen. However it's not just this one. It does seem (to me) to be a repeated thing with Benitez - his team loses, a player gets a red card, Benitez comes on and complains about the red card, says it's someone else's fault and then says it changed the match (when it didn't). It's like Wenger never seeing anything his team has done wrong.

        Is it every time, or just when playing Chelsea and Man U?


    • This is absolutely pointless. Some will say that he did deserve a red some will say he didn't. It doesn't matter. What matters is that every time a ref gives a decision against Man U or Chelsea their players surround the ref and moan about it for the rest of the game. Best example John Terry tyring to take the ref's card when he didn't agree. No matter what people say ref's will never give big decisions against Man U or Chelsea when they're playing at home as they don't want to get on their bad sides. As for the Mascherano sending off the only reason he got sent of was because Steve Bennett got in trouble for not stepping in and having Ashley Cole sent off against Tottenham. (Yet another example of Chelsea players not being treated the same as other players by refs) He was trying to make up for his mistake by sending of the first player that questioned 1 of his decisions. You could see this by the way he also booked Torres for simply saying 1 sentence to him in a calm manner. It's crazy! This is my own opinion so i no others will disagree but if you look at what happened the week before then you should see why my point makes sence.

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      • It's not how the independent commentators on MotD saw it. But my point is about Benitez not Mascherano.

        Just one other little thing: you say refs never give big decisions against Chelsea at home. Well, we didn't get a penalty against Liverpool at home when said golden boy Mascherano took out Joe Cole. I could give you numerous other examples of decisions that have gone against us at home this season, costing us numerous league points (as well as some that have gone for us, giving us rather fewer league points).


    • By now you should have heard that Mascherano has been fined by the club (and he asked that the money be given to charity); I wouldn't call that condoning the player's actions.

      Regarding Crouch's dismissal, Benitez quite rightly questioned why Mikel (a real Mr Clean, that boy) wasn't penalised for hacking away at Crouch only seconds earlier.

      As for Reina's red card, I suggest you find a copy of that particular game and watch it again (doesn't matter that you don't follow LFC, if you're going to post messages like this, you should have all the facts). "Smacking Robben in the face"?? Not on your life! That "smack" wouldn't have felled my gran - and she's been dead for 20 years! You can't deny Robben didn't earn a reputation for going down far too easily while he was playing in the Premiership.

      Of the last 4 red cards LFC have received, only Crouch's and Pennant's (last seasons CL ) weren't given in controversial circumstances and were well-deserved. And Benitez certainly didn't condone the players actions.

      The reason for this attitude that you're wondering about, is simply that since Benitez arrived he has strengthened the culture of respect towards refs at LFC (I know this because I have missed maybe 6 games since Rafa took charge). This explains why they have one of the best disciplinary records in the Premiership.

      Pity it hasn't prevented LFC from getting such raw deals from refs recently...

    • I'm not expecting him to. I am expecting that when his players get red cards that it isn't someone else's fault (when in the three cases I remember and have given) it was plainly his players' faults, and that it was unfair and changed the result of the game (when they weren't unfair and Liverpool were losing each time).


    • I saw the match highlights on MotD last night (as I was away for a week) so I didn't see it all but what I saw is probably fresher in my mind than most others. After being booked, Mascherano repeatedly during the first half had a go at the referee and several times made aggressive gestures at him and appeared to be being abusive. When Torres was booked, Mascherano ran from twenty yards away to have a go. Alonso tried unsuccessfully to stop him. When he appeared in the ref's face you could see the ref saying to him, back off or you'll be off. Mascherano didn't, he kept on, he got booked and was sent off.

      It wasn't harsh. The yellow he got for being in the referee's face was deserved for the many times he had done it. He had been warned. It was his own fault, period. You can't complain about Chelsea and then excuse Mascherano.

      It's entirely irrelevant to the Cole incident. I think Ashley Cole should have been sent off for the foul. I don't know what all the arguing was about. But what happened in that match does not excuse Mascherano.


    • Grant appears to have been selected as manager so that when averaged with Mourinho, their post-match interviews are about of average interest.

      It's currently fashionable to complain about Chelsea hassling referees. Many weeks I watch Chelsea and there is no hassling of the ref whilst I observe it happening by other teams on the highlights programmes, and no-one comments. No team is innocent of it. There was a thread about this on here a few months ago.


    • Robert, I'm not trying to excuse Masch. I've had my say on here last week about the whole thing, and don't think we need to raise it again, other than to say there maybe a difference of opinion. But, what I am trying to say, it this is yet another example of inconsistency that is driving me nuts.

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