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  • Last season you battered Arsenal 4-1 with Crouch tearing them apart because of Pennants crosses.............I don't expect either to play over these two legs.
    .Is that a mistake?...........I suppose Toress will haveto do this year!

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    • Maybe a mistake, but think both have become victim of the system that works around our best player, rather than a lack of quality of their own. Torres on his own with 3 attacking midfielders behind him has worked well, especially the understanding between Torres and Gerrard. Neither Crouch or Pennant fit into that mix however, even though I still rate both highly.

    • I'm a bit narked about the lack of opportunity for Crouchie this year but at least he has the Kop on his side (absence makes the heart grow fonder etc etc). How much will that help him in the long run? Not a lot, I expect him to be gone for next year. Pity, coz I like the big man.

      Just as annoying is the rise and fall of Pennant. He was being touted as the next England right winger at the beginning of the season putting in plenty of good performances for us. A lengthy injury, a stupid red card, rotation hell and a bunch of average games for us later and we're wondering what all the original fuss was about. I pity him coz I can see him being shipped out to some nothing club to while away the rest of his carreer winning precisely FA.

      Its gonna be a hard trilogy but at least we have depth. What will sink us is that we have precious little world class quality. If those world class player don't show up (or are banned) then we'll just flounder.

      I can't watch..... ;o)

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      • eloader - a bit stumped about what you're trying to say with the following statement:

        'Its gonna be a hard trilogy but at least we have depth. What will sink us is that we have precious little world class quality'

        What's the point of bragging about depth if there isn't enough quality in it? Every squad in the league has depth, it's the quality of it that separates the wheat from the chaff!

        I think many on here have commented in recent times that we have too many squad players of average quality, and not enough gamebreakers. That's where we desperately need depth, but just don't have it - at the moment!

        As for tomorrow night - I think Rafa will stick to the 4-2-3-1 that has brought some consistency to us in the league recently. A crowded midfield, with Babel on the left and Kuyt on the right again.

        The back 4 set-up is another guessing game, to which I notice another thread has already been dedicated. Can't see Sami getting a start for this one somehow, not against a slick Arsenal.