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  • Richard P Richard P Apr 3, 2008 06:00 Flag

    Andy Gray-biggest c*nt on tv

    I don't hate Liverpool far from it, I was playing devils advocate slightly, When British teams play in Europe I like to see Man Utd win, along with others.

    I have respect for Liverpool but obviously there is a friendly rivalry!

    In case any LFC supporters think I am kissing as as one Man U supporter thought when I went on their board, I'm not, whats the point in that!

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    • That's cool man I don't really hate Man United or Everton it's a waste of energy getting obsessed with any team other then the one you follow. I obviously hope that both teams lose every week but am much more concerned about my own team.

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      • Ouch, I'm crying inside!

        I'm sure it won't devastate you to know that I feel the same about Liverpool losing but I like the fact there is the derby match twice a season at least.

        Think this season we did enough to beat you at Goodison apart from intervention by a certain individual. I admit we derserved to be beat on Sunday but the future loooks bright and I think there will be interesting times ahead in the top 4. Not i hasten to add this season for my side