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  • El Nino Markie El Nino Markie Apr 9, 2008 22:20 Flag

    Am I The Only One...

    Who thinks Kuyt has had a few terrific performances and showed how important his workrate is to the liverpool side!?

    Yes he doesnt score and he is not in his rightful position but what a engine he has. Unbelieveable. God I wish he was quicker and bangs in more goals. Oh well. Bless him lol

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    • Agree with almost all your comments, and also had no idea that he was our top CL goal scorer.

      I understand peoples complaints about him not scoring enough goals, but lets put this into some kind of perspective. No one is saying he's in the same class as Torres, so why compare them. Rafa was playing around with the system for the first half, of the season, but for almost half the season (maybe a little less) he's played essesially as a wide midfielder, where he has scored.

      Now ask how have our other wide men done? Compare Kuyt's tally (9 all comps) with Babel (9), Pennant (1), Yossi (12), Kewell (0).

      Now think about his other contributions compared with the other players. Ability to track back and defend, ability to hold the ball, or create space for other players with his off the ball running.

      I know at the end of the day its all opinion, and I respect those who have a different view, but for me, he's worth at least a place in the squad for another season. How many starts he gets, and where, depends on who he's competing with for places.

    • The fact with Kuyt and I have argued this many times on this board is that he plays out of position.
      Kuyt is a poacher the perfect example of where his best position is the game at the emerites.
      87% of kuyts goal where from around the six yard box area.
      But Rafa has played the lad since he first arrived as a supporting striker.
      In his first season he played him in his preferred role 17 occassions resulting in 12 goals now I am no genius but even the blantant obvious can see that is a good goal return if you play him in his perffered role.
      Kuyt is a selfless player who plays for the team, a wrok horse will run the field all day and try and give his all for the cause, but he can't score goals if he is'nt playing in is perffered position. And after a while your confidence goes and this is the case with Dirk.
      the fact is Dirk is a very important player of the squad.

    • ..i still dont think he will make a top EPL striker as long as he has got a hole in his a**e...but you cant help but admire his effort...fair play...and id still sell come the summer...

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      • Agree with all the comments. But I feel he has improved on the way he passes the ball, his control and linking with other players. He doesnt score enough goals, i dont know anybody else in the world who has a better workrate than him.

        I like Kuyt as a person and for his workrate, he deserves another season. If he doesnt score more than 10-15 Premier league goals nxt season, we have to sell him. Its a simple as that, Move on.

        Erm just another point. I thought Fabio Aureillo had a fabulous performance last night. Another player liverpool fans including me, who wanted him to be sold. Good on him. Changing my mind and I feel he is a solid left back now.

    • Your not alone, but I've been saying this for a while now. Maybe he is now playing in his best position, or at least the best position that will maximize his strenghts in our squad and system. He does not have the pace or skills to make it as an EPL striker at a big club, he maybe fine for a Dutch league team, but we demand more.

      But there is no denying his work rate, and where he's playing, its makes us a better squad. He played good link play with Carra, limited their options down the left, and while he lost to many balls, still provided the outlet on the right for Gerrard and Alonso's long balls. Also, while I don't know the stats, wondering if his goal ratio may have actually improved since taking the midfield role.

      While I still think we should be looking for out and out wingers, I'd like to keep Kuyt around next season. He plays his heart out for the club, is now I think contributing, and while we all like to watch the class players like Torres, you also need the worker bee's like Carra, and IMO Kuyt to help grind out results.

    • Kuyt is a trier no doubt and his goal ratio is an interesting one. He was bought as a Striker so 11 goal this season is not great however he rarely plays as one so if you were to take his 11 goals this season as a midfielder then his tally is not that bad and probably as good as any midfielder (with the exception of Stevie) we have had in the last 10 years.

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      • Thing with Kuyt is his control of long balls, or any ball. He'll lose balls which he should just control. Thats the only bad thing i have to say about him.

      • He hasn't played midfield all year though, he started the year up front. His profligacy has cost us points no doubt about it, actually profligacy is the wrong word because he hasn't even got in positions to score which is the problem...He has been brilliant in terms of closing people down and so on against Arsenal in these games, when we've had to be all action and doggedly determined. Its in the other 34 league games a year against oppositions we need to attack and break down he isn't good enough to cut it either as a winger attacking wise or a striker...CAn he stay as part of the squad and play only the big games where we play counter attack.....I don't know. MAybe he could just play away matches, because at home when the onus is on us he;'s poor...no doubt!!!