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  • How long has this guy left on his contract. I personally think that we should release him in the summer. Absolutelt rubbish player. Never worth his transfer fee...........even though he was free!

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    • I think Voronin was exactly the type of player we needed.
      1. He was free
      2. Doesn't eat at the wage bill
      3. Doesn't play a lot of games - bit part player - Like the role Fowler played the year before (and you KNEW he wasn't going to be pulling up any trees at that age).

      Our problem this season was that we needed two first team strikers with able backup in case of injury or fatigue (Kuyt) and Voronin filling in when needed. What we failed to do is allocate the second striker position to Crouch. But thats a whole new bag of worms for a different post.

      If we had four top class strikers the dissent in the dressing room will tear any challenge apart...you need players like Voronin who wouldn't mind being a bit part player.

      What I would like to see next season is a youth player taking Voronins place in the squad and maybe get the second striker position sorted out (Use Crouch or bring in another top class striker and get rid of Kuyt or teach him how to cross a ball accurately).

      I'm not going to elaborate any further coz I feel we're just getting away from the subject.

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      • Voronin gets a hard time but I think he still has quality his problem is his lack of goal threat. I remember watching Ukraine vs Spain a few years ago with a friend (I'm almost certain it was Spain) and Spain won 4-0 but all we kept talking about was how good Shevchenkos strike partner was (Voronin).

        I had seen him a few times before he came and I actually think he's got good ball control and passing ability and hasn't played too bad since he came. His lack of goal threat is a worry though, but if he is to stay beyond the summer I wont complain, it'd be interesting to see how he plays next season.

    • I never wanted him in the first place. 6 goals in the whole of last season in an easier league - he was always going to struggle. We only want strikers of the class of Huntelaar, Keane or Aguero to play with Torres. He only came because we are free, and Rafa has £40 million plus sales in the summer from the refinanced lying b*stard loan. That should give us about £60 million to splash on the four or five quality players we need.

      (Provided the lying b*stard lets Rafa spend that is)

    • Apparently Status Quo are reforming but Rick Parfitt isn't joining so Voronin is going to fill-in! e's probably a sh*t guitarist as well!

    • trust me, there are youths coming up. Nemeth, Brouwer and spearing could all make the bench. Still, I agree that Voronin has to go in the summer. It would be a huge mistake to let Crouch go. I think that if Benitez will continue employing the 4-2-3-1 formation, he will be a useful player, especially to rest Torres. Funny enough, with this formation, it appeals more to crouch than to Torres as with a couple of good wingers and some good crosses, Crouch is very able to get at the end of some of them.

    • Basically Voronin is another Dirk Kuyt, Does alot of hard work but hasn't got the scoring figures to show for any of it, Seeing as he basically almost broke his ankle trying to score agiasnt Blackburn on Sunday (God knows how as all he had to do was tap it in) But at the start of the session he did look a pretty good striker right places at the right time and he kept getting games with Crouch or Torres so Rafa clearly thought he was worth it. Might as well give him another shot, if we dont buy any strikers this summer we have no choice in the matter. Even more so if crouch leaves then we will have to have him as our Reserve =/ as i hardly see any of our Youths coming up.

    • worst player i've ever seen in a red shirt by a mile, and thats bad because we've had our fair share of truly awful players. dont understand why rafa uses him! honestly it wouldnt suprise me if he didnt make it into the derby county starting 11 if we cud get rid!

    • you reckon voronin will go onto the same pile as erik meijer and sean dundee? lol