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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 15, 2008 00:43 Flag


    Lets try and put things into perspective. He came on a free, so other than wages, really not cost us anything. For my mind he was never planned to be a starting striker, but utility behind the other 3. I also remember a number of threads during pre season and the beggining of the season stating he may end up being the best quiet signing of the summer. So why so harsh.

    He has admitted he had a tough transition to the UK, Language being a major issue. He's been injured for a good portion of the season, and also dealing with having his first kid at the same time.

    Now I'm not going to try to make out he's the best thing since sliced bread, but lets be fair. If we have the funds to upgrade this summer he's expendable for me, but if we don't have funds for a new striker(s) I'd keep him around for another season and let him fight for his place.

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    • Agrred Dsteer, a lot of people have to remember he has been injured for a good period of the season and once again fit struggled to get back into the first team as a certain Mr Torres was banging them in for fun.
      I would judge him after another season.
      But from what he has done has been okay nothing great but okay considering the limited time he has had playing this season.

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      • Another thing I think people have to think about, is actually how many strikers do we need, why type of strikers, and how much money to do have to spend. Voronin is limited in my mind, he's slow, limited to his right foot for any real threat. But he's strong, and seems to get into good postions. Rafa often praised him for his good football brain, so as a support, or utility player he might be worth another season.

        Right now I don't see large amounts of money, so talk of another striker in the same class as Torres seems a bit of fantasy. What we might be looking at is limited budge which in my mind is best spend on wingers, and maybe full backs. Up front its a matter of does Crouch stick around.