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  • i've been reading the board for a while now and decided it's time to join in. Although i don't agree that any LFC fan should go to the dark side i have to give credit to this paisley shanks character for providing some good topics and for being the only one of us who weren't mugged by these lying american owners. He was the only one who said DIC were a better bet and did say that the yanks would mess up the club and they have. But why didn't the rest of us see it too? Are we too trusting of our club?

    Personally i think the club will rebound from this nightmare year but the damage done is immense. Credit to you though paisley - you were right and i'm man enough to admit it.


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    • Paisley_shanks is only good for one thing and thats a good laugh at..

      He claims to be a true LFC fan but only makes comments when the team does poorly he never praises the fact that Torres has scored 30 goals in his first season at LFC !!!

      He's no more a fan of LFC than Osama bin Laden is gonna be voted 2009's peace award winner ... lmao

    • oldtime_kopite is p&s. hes posted 2 messages both are about the twat. responding to his own thread sad cunt

    • All due respect oldtime how come it is now you have decided to voice your opinion when Paisley has done many threads in the past that have brought intersting debates but you never have participated in any of them?
      Why not comment your support in any of them, I always did if i thought he had a good arguement on the topic he was discussing, granted not all the time as all the time i did'nt agree with him, but if i agreed it was because he would have a good point.
      Why did'nt you?

    • What???
      When you throw as many predictions around as that tart you're bound to get some right every now and again.
      The fact that he's not even a fan...just a wind up artist... means that he wouldn't get credit anywhere never mind this board.
      I'm in the process of tracking down his id's....then he'll be a vague memory. One less tart mess a bit more peace.
      Do we (real fans) get a "credit" post for saying Torres will be great for this club when others said he wouldn't hack it in the prem? It's, after all, one of many predictions cited on this board that WE were right about? Didn't think so. Maybe we should just call each other muppets, scouse rats etc etc. We might get some respect then, when we are right.
      That clear enough Shanks!

    • Find me one fan who was pleased that the Yanks came in over DIC. Nobody was happy with the way DIC were stabbed in the back

      I think you are getting mixed up with the fact that we were willing to give them a chance to make good on their promises. After all, we didn't have a say in who bought the club. I wish we did because that imbecile David Moores didn't even do due diligence on Hicks who came in at the last minute. Because of his incompetence, it is going to cost DIC an extra £250 million to buy the club - money that could have gone into the stadium and the team.

      We could have had an 80,000 seater with that extra money, plus at least 4 more 20 million quid plus players! Then we would be challenging for the league.

    • Whos cares old timer... just let it be known that the blue half of the city is p*ssing themselves over this. Better than winning the league for us is seeing the RS fighting like kids while their club goes down the s*itter. Priceless


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      • That just goes to show that you scumbag bluesh*tes are more interested in seeing us lose than what your own team does.

        So seeing us struggle is better than winning the league is it? Pr*ck!

        You won't be saying that in 3 months when we are bought by the 5th richest man in the world and whilst your club is relocated to that converted sewage farm in Kirby.

        Your club is a matter of complete indifference to us superior Liverpool fans - but I hope that Portsmouth win 5th place by one point! Dirtbag!

      • Whats even funnier is a f**king bluenose thinking they are even fit to clean our boots! Even if we went outta business la' you still wouldn't rival us in the next fifty years! credit to p n s though - he called it!