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  • Whos cares old timer... just let it be known that the blue half of the city is p*ssing themselves over this. Better than winning the league for us is seeing the RS fighting like kids while their club goes down the s*itter. Priceless


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    • That just goes to show that you scumbag bluesh*tes are more interested in seeing us lose than what your own team does.

      So seeing us struggle is better than winning the league is it? Pr*ck!

      You won't be saying that in 3 months when we are bought by the 5th richest man in the world and whilst your club is relocated to that converted sewage farm in Kirby.

      Your club is a matter of complete indifference to us superior Liverpool fans - but I hope that Portsmouth win 5th place by one point! Dirtbag!

    • Whats even funnier is a f**king bluenose thinking they are even fit to clean our boots! Even if we went outta business la' you still wouldn't rival us in the next fifty years! credit to p n s though - he called it!