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    oh yeah, gerrards THREE, absolute blatent dives, why wasn't he yellow carded three times ? the diver shouldn't even have been on the pitch.

    torres tried it as well, AGAIN.

    I've just come on here thinking I'd be the first to post about gerrards diving......................ooooooppps.........my mistake.....

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    • Oooh what a surprise, NO scousers ADMITTING to it!!!

      Where's the objectivity???!!!

      It was so f*cking blatant, there is no debate about it. Torres was just as bad, but stevie should know better. He's worse than Joe cole now for f*cks sake!

    • How is it three absolute dives. First one he was looking for the penalty and there was contact but not enough to go over. I think another one you were refering to was the one where Samba pushed him in the back as he was heading the ball... enough said. Third was where Gerrard was manhandled by Samba and everyone on MOTD thought it was a penalty. Torres was also unlicky as the person tackling him made contact with him and no contact with the ball. Pretty much a definition of a professional foul

      Looking at your name makes me think your probably an Everton or Man U fan, in which case i could go on for nearly forever about Ronaldo, Yakubu and Johnson...

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      • I think the reason he did'nt get any of the decisions was because he's getting so well known for it.

        typical gerrard, runs as fast as he can into the box, little or no contact, balls long gone, and he goes down looking for a pen.

        I was watching the match in the pub with six RS fans, they all thought he dived. so what were you watching ?

        watch again and try to tell me he actually tried to stay on his feet. if he doesn't at least TRY to stay up, whats he doing.....................begins with D.