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    We have DEVALUED the Champons League


    Good afternoon kop-ites and posers.

    I see the board is as DULL as a Rafa team talk without my superior footballing accumen so i will once again step up to the plate by expanding on a subject alot of my Man U friends have been saying. Our recent success in the CL has actually DEVALUED the competition because we are not an elite team in our own league.

    Now, forget about ancient f**king history because it's completely irrelevant to the NOW. Indeed, let's look at the last ten years. In the last decade Barca, Chavski, and the mighty MANCS have all won their own Leagues while we haven't had a SNIFF in two bl**dy decades! The Mancs and Barca have the same amount of CL final wins as us in the last ten years while Chelsea have twice been ROBBED by us from progressing, as any true unbiased fan will admit.

    Kop-ites, how can you possibly believe that we deserve to be in the latter stages of the CL when we are CLINGING on to being the fourth best club in our own league year after year... it really is an embarrasment, and as many are saying it is DEVALUING the CL comp by having us in it...

    Now digest and DISCUSS.........

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