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  • I've just seen Arsenals fixtures, Reading, Derby, Everton and Sunderland - I think that's 12 points to them!

    Especially the Everton game, that will be a real spanking!

    In view of that, and with our run-in being a bit harder, is it possible? I think it is a bit beyond us to be honest.....but just wondered what everybody elses thoughts were.

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    • To be honest I doubt it. If we really thought it was possible, do you really think Rafa would push the squad to pick up 3rd (which really means nothing) and potentially sacrafice our chances against Chelsea in CL? So long as 4th is assured, I'm sure Rafa will take his foot off the gas, although for pride reasons, I'd really like to know how many points we really are off the pace come the last game of the season.

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      • I think we are a lot closer than people realize.
        If our forwards were converting chances in the first half of the season like they are here at the tail then how many of those 12 draws would have/should have been wins?
        Think about it.
        The number of games we dominated right up to the last few minutes then gave away 2 points because the forwards couldn't slot that second goal in during the first half (or in some cases even the first goal).
        If we get 2 decent partners for Torres (sorry all you Babel and Kuyt supporters, I just don't think either is up to it yet) OR if we go 2 strikers a little more often, as Rafa hinted at when trying to convince Crouch to stay then I seriously think about 7 or 8 at least of those 12 draws would have been wins. 7x2=14 hey, level on points with Man U.
        I'm not saying we would have beaten Chelsea or Arsenal in that figure, either although I know you will all say we were robbed against Chelsea.
        With all due respect to the teams involved lets look back at some of those draws:
        Portsmouth 0-0
        Birmingham 0-0
        Spurs 2-2
        Blackburn 0-0
        City 0-0
        Wigan 1-1
        Villa 2-2 at home, having won at Villa earlier.
        That's 7 draws before Jan 1 - most of which I think we honestly should have won.
        Then on top of that we lost 1-0 at West Ham then thumped them 4-0 about 6 weeks later. Similar story with Reading - win 4-2 at Reading then lose 3-1 at home.
        I really think we are oh so close to giving Man U a real run for their money. If we don't have major upheavals in the team over sumer, meaning the players take until Christmas to link up properly like this year then I think we are looking good.
        Here's to us.

    • My, you are bitter about Everton aren't you.


    • I love saying this....

      footballs a funny old game and anything could happen (especially relegation threatened clubs fighting to stay up). I would love it to happen but its unlikely.

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      • I don't care to be honest as long as we finish 4th, there's probably a difference in prize money, maybe some bragging rights as we'd finish above the gunners for a 3rd season in a row I thin, certainly 2, but I'd much rather we got 4th in the bag, say this weekend, and played Plessis, Insua, Nemeth, San Jose, and so on in the 1st team in any games that don't then matter to see how they get on. Also it'd be nice for Crouch to play in those games remaining, Benayoun, that sort of thing. LEt the other lads concentrate on Chelsea and the CL final if we get there which I think we will....LFC vs Barcelona. I see it in the stars.