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  • KEITH KEITH Apr 16, 2008 04:25 Flag

    Hillsborough Memorial

    Fans of other clubs (especially some of the dickheads that come on here!) might be interested to know some of the things that were said in the end of service speech by Phil Hammond (Chairman of the Hillsborough Family Support Group).
    Celtic Supporters were thanked for all their support over the last nineteen years.
    And he asked UEFA to do something about the treatment of English football supporters at the hands of Spanish and Italian police,(he didn't mention any names but it was obvious he was showing solidarity with Manchester United and Tottenham fans at the way they have been treated.)
    He used Rhys Jones' murder as proof that in times of need our city bonds together and called for an end to the nonsense that took place at the last Derby match,(Let's be honest,we're Scousers,do we really want to be like every other no-mark town and city in this country?)

    I don't really know why I felt the need to post this,maybe it's just our legendary Scouse paranoia wanting to show others that we didn't just spend the day feeling sorry for ourselves,but we did consider others.

    96 RIP YNWA

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