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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 18, 2008 01:26 Flag

    The truth about LFC's spending

    Rafa wouldn't have had as much money because the club wouldn't have had as much money, since they made a fortune from winning the trophy. You make your own luck in life I always say that.

    What I do find very odd about alot of rival fans (not including yourself) is this, why do so many other fans spend so much time trying to convince us to get rid of Rafa? We have some false ID's like Jose Pombal and Paisley_Shanks trying to concvince us to turn on him. That is weird, if United had a sh*t manager I wouldn't create a fake ID trying to turn the fans against him. I would genuinely hope he stayed.

    I think Rafa would have been given the time and I think he's worth it he's a manger I like and rate highly. Our club is very patient with the managers, just look at Houllier, he should have been out of a job for over 18 months before our useless board finally got round to sacking him.