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    The truth about LFC's spending

    I've been reading these kinds of comments on here for a while now and it set me thinking what the truth of the matter actually was:

    LFC Sofa Supporter: "Rafa is in his 3rd yr and doesn't have nowhere the funds SAF has so if we get 2nd spot that'll make me proud."

    jk80jk: "joke in the transfer market?
    Give him the sort of money Ferguson has had and I think you'll find if he could get the players he actually wants he'll be fine....
    Other than Torres we haven't been able to compete with the likes of man utd and Chelsea in the transfer market... simple as that mate..."

    So here are the spending records of both Liverpool and Manchester United since the begining of the Benitez era:



    27/5/04 Alan Smith £7m
    11/6/04 Gabriel Heinze £6.9m
    31/8/04 Wayne Rooney £29m
    Total spent: £42.9m

    26/5/04 Danny Pugh £1m
    29/7/04 Nicky Butt £2.5m
    20/8/04 Diego Forlan £2m
    31/1/05 Eric Djemba-Djemba £1.35m
    Total Received: £6.85

    United net spent: £36.05m

    Running Net Total: £36.05m


    1/7/04 Djibril Cisse £14m
    27/7/04 Josemi £2m
    1/8/04 Javier Luis Garcia £6m
    1/8/04 Xabi Alonso £10.5
    13/08/04 Antonio Nunez, £2m
    13/1/05 Fernando Morientes £6.3m
    21/1/05 Scott Carson £0.75m
    Total spent: £41.55m

    20/5/04 Emile Heskey £6.25
    10/8/04 Danny Murphy £2.5
    13/8/04 Michael Owen £10m
    Total Received: £18.75m

    Liverpool net spent: £22.8m

    Running Net Total: £22.8m



    1/6/05 Edwin van der Sar £1.2m
    5/7/05 Ji-Sung Park £4m
    19/7/05 Ben Foster £1m
    4/1/06 Nemanja Vidic £7m
    10/1/06 Patrice Evra £5.5m
    Total spent: £18.7m

    4/8/05 Philip Neville £3.5m
    8/8/05 Kleberson £2.5m
    Total Received: £6m

    United net spent: £12.7m

    Running Net Total: £48.75m


    4/7/05 Jose Reina £6m
    4/7/05 Mark Gonzalez £4.5m
    13/7/05 Mohamed Sissoko £5.6
    20/7/05 Peter Crouch £7m
    12/1/06 Daniel Agger £5.8m
    Total spent: £28.9m

    16/6/05 El-Hadji Diouf £4m
    23/8/05 Milan Baros £6.5m
    Total Received: £10.5m

    Liverpool net spent: £18.4m

    Running Net Total: £41.2m

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    • 2006/07


      31/7/06 Michael Carrick £18.6m
      Total spent: £18.6m

      3/6/06 Jon Obi Mikel £12m
      15/6/06 Jonathan Spector £0.5m
      14/7/06 Sylvain Ebanks-Blake £0.3m
      28/7/06 Ruud van Nistelrooy £10.3m
      Total Received: £23.1m

      United net spent: -£4.5m

      Running Total: £44.25m


      22/6/06 Craig Bellamy £6m
      1/7/06 Gabriel Paletta £2m
      26/7/06 Jermaine Pennant £6.7m
      18/8/06 Dirk Kuyt £9m
      31/1/07 Alvaro Arbeloa £2.6m
      Total spent: £26.3m

      13/06/06 Zak Whitbread £0.2m
      25/5/06 Fernando Morientes £3m
      4/8/06 Antonio Barragan £0.675m
      8/8/06 Djimi Traore £2m
      30/8/06 Neil Mellor £0.5m
      31/08/06 Jan Kromkamp £1.75m
      ??/10/06 Chris Kirkland £3.5m
      18/1/07 Darren Potter £0.25m
      22/1/07 Stephen Warnock £1.5m
      Total Received: £13.375

      Liverpool net spent: £12.925m

      Running Total: £54.125m


      Season 07-08


      ??/??/07 Tomasz Kuszczak £2m
      1/7/07 Owen Hargreaves £17m
      2/7/07 Anderson £17m
      2/7/07 Nani £14m
      Total spent: £50m

      ??/??/07 David Jones £1m
      ??/??/07 Tim Howard £3m
      16/7/07 Kieran Richardson £5.5m
      31/7/07 Giuseppe Rossi £6.7m
      3/8/07 Alan Smith £6m
      23/8/07 Gabriel Heinze £8m
      ??/??/08 Ryan Shawcross £1m
      ??/??/08 Phil Bardsley £2m
      Total Received: £33.2m

      United net spent: £16.8m

      Final Total: £61.05m


      11/05/07 Lucas Leiva £5m
      28/06/07 Mikel Dominguez £0.27m
      01/07/07 Sebastian Leto £1.8m
      4/7/07 Fernando Torres £20.2m
      12/7/07 Yossi Benayoun £5m
      13/7/07 Ryan Babel £11.5m
      26/08/07 Emiliano Insua £1.3m
      11/01/08 Martin Skrtel £6.5m
      29/02/08 Javier Mascherano £18.6m
      Total spent: £70.17m

      4/5/07 Florent Sinama-Pongolle £2.7m
      20/6/07 Danny O Donnell £0.1m
      3/7/07 Javier Luis Garcia £4m
      8/7/07 Djibril Cisse £6m
      10/7/07 Craig Bellamy £7.5m
      19/7/07 Mark Gonzalez £3.5m
      26/08/07 Gabriel Paletta £1.2m
      28/01/08 Mohamed Sissoko £8.2m
      Total Received: 33.2m

      Liverpool net spent: £36.97m

      Final Total: £91.095m

      Manchester United Total Gross Spend = £130.2m
      Liverpool Total Gross Spend = £166.92m

      Shocking, Eh??

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      • Your figures are not right for Liverpool Tim the actuals are:-

        Players bought by Rafa Benitez at Liverpool - total spending = £81,596,000

        Full List -


        Players sold by Rafa Benitez at Liverpool - total revenue = £38,475,000

        Full list:-

        A net outlay of £43m no-where near 90 odd million!

      • I'm not sure about your Man Utd figures because I don't follow them. The individual LFC figures don't look far off, but i haven't checked the totals. What I would dispute is benitez had Cisse lumbered on him, and he had toi build a team from a squad of massive mediocrity. He's hardly started in the same position as fergie over that period. where were our Giggs, Scholes, Neville, Neville, Butt. Thats not Benitez's fault. Plus he has hardly had the same backing....which is your point. 28m on Rooney, 29m on Rio, and the 17/18m on anderson and nani, hitherto unknowns who remain squad players at best at the moment. Benitez has had to spend 6.5m on first teamers....Bellamy, Pennant and so on. Now with Torres and Mascherano, I wouldn't argue with you, he is getting some money. He's spent it on two great players there, and hopefully that will tell in the following seasons to come. |It takes time to build, and fergie has had how many years?

    • Tim, I take it you are suffering from temporary stupidity?

      What was your team worth at the start 04/05 and what was Liverpool worth? ie were the starting positions between Rafa & Fergie the same?

      cluck cluck?

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      • I've got records back to 1991/92 if you want them. They don't make it any better at all, mate. Some shocking purchases by LFC during that period.

        What the figures going back to the season before the premier league began (1991/92) show is that LFC have spent more than United in 11 out of 17 seasons. It's not like you suffered from a lack of investment before Benitez, Houlier spent a fortune too, don't forget.

    • Plus the Obi Mikel is a very fortunate one from Uniteds position

    • We haven't bought Tevez yet. We are only paying his wages while on his loan, the same as you payed Mascherano's wages while he was on loan - I didn't add those figures either. If you want, add on £5 for Tevez's wages and we'll conviniently forget about Mascherano's loan deal wages. It still doesn't even the accounts by any great deal does it?

      When Rafa took over, he inherited a Liverpool side that had finished fourth, and only 5 points behind United at the end of the previous season, which had ended only a month before he became manager.

      Most managers would have been more than happy to "make do with" a squad that did well enough to qualify for the Champions League. Wasn't the team he had to "make do with" also the one that won the CL? I don't hear much critisism of that team on here.

    • True, but even that lucky £12m doesn't even things up by much does it?

    • If your information is correct then you've got to take in consideration that Rafa inherited a squad whereas SAF's squad was already established also Rafa had to find his feet in the EPL whereas SAF again was already accustomed to it ..

      Maybe SAF is a better tactician than Rafa and has better scouts than we do.. also SAF has an assistant manager correct me if I'm wrong but Rafa is doing much of the job by himself !!

      Yes we've made some transfer blunders along the way but often Rafa has had to buy his 2nd choice player that would explain why we've such an average squad aside from a few very good players and one star player in Torres.. compare that to Man Utd's how many of their squad is average to ours? I think u will find their squad has more star players than us hence thats why they've won the EPL so often..

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      • But the figures show he's had the money to buy the "star players". Why he hasn't been able to get them is a different matter.

        The only "star players" at United currently that we paid "star player" money for are Rooney and Ferdinand. The same may eventually be true of Tevez. The rest (with the exception of Tevez and possibly Carrick) became star players by playing so well for us, but that's really beside the point.

    • why not go back another year or two and include the following in ur figures

      Veron 29m
      Ferdinand 29m (British transfer record)
      RVN 19m

      And where the hell is Ronaldo in your list? Second thoughts dont make these changes they will just make ur figures look worse and ur argument look daft

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      • Ronaldo was bought in 2003/04. a season before Rafa took over at LFC. That's the period the records on this thread cover, if you've not bothered to read it properly.

        As I've already said I've got records going back to 1991/02 and Liverpool still spent more than United even then:

        Gross spend by Manchester United between 1991/92 and 2007/08 seasons: £339.45m

        Gross spend by Liverpool between 1991/92 and 2007/08 seasons: £348.86m

        Net spend by Manchester United between 1991/92 and 2007/08 seasons: £156.495m

        Net spend by Liverpool between 1991/92 and 2007/08 seasons: £196.845m

        Like I say, going back further doesn't make much difference. Liverpool have spent more than United in the premier league era (and in the season before it), gross and net.

        If you really want me to, I'll psot the other records.

    • If you can find any season in history when United have spent £70m then you may be entitled to make that claim.

      The fact is United have NEVER spent £70m in a single season. Liverpool have spent £70m this season, which is £13m more than the record amount United have ever spent on players in a single season: £57m in 2001/02.

      The "rich list" concerns the profits made by the clubs, not the amount they spend on player. Liverpool probably aren't in it for a similar reason Chelsea aren't, ie they spend more than they make.

    • But what have they won in the same period? One FA cup. And I'll bet Wenger's kicking himself for not spending any of the £70m transfer kitty that all their fans were going on about in the summer.

      I'm not saying spending is a bad thing, the point of the thread is just that you've spent much more than you think you have under Benitez.

    • Tim, this is a good thread and I almost regretted joining it as I thought I might finally get turned over by a manc.......

      However, pal, I now have the info to kick some serious manc ass.

      You have the most EXPENSIVE team in the WORLD. Forbes have compiled a list of the top 25 most valuable (expensive) teams and you TOP it !!

      1. Man UTD = $1.5b + 84% debt to value ratio

      11. Liverpool = $454m + 18% debt to value ratio

      Liverpool not even in the top 10 !!

      So put aside the odd 20m and discuss the BILLION DOLLAR difference in team value :-)

      cluckety cluck

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      • Man United Weekly Wage bills must be somewhere in the millions you pay half your players 100+k a week.

        How many Liverpool players you think get that? 2-3? if that.

        You look at the transfer figures and they only tell you one story, Plus it costs more to buy a player already on a "deal" with the club.. so that also takes an account into a transfer figure.

        throwing Money figures at us and saying "you spent 70 million" this season proves nothing we've also sold players making us what 33 million according to you. So what we really spent this season is.. 37 million?

        Your also no taking into account the youth + Res Players cash spent.

        So basically in the bigger picture your facts prove very little.

      • why dont u just drop ur pants and bend over for him fake dogs i can see his response coming a mile away talk about teeing urself up for a rogering

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